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Docker containers for all versions of Zsh.
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zsh-docker Build Status

Zsh Docker containers.


The images are based on minideb, and available on Docker Hub:

Version To execute
zsh master (daily build) docker run -it zshusers/zsh:master
5.7.1 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.7.1
5.7 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.7
5.6.2 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.6.2
5.6.1 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.6.1
5.6 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.6
5.5.1 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.5.1
5.5 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.5
5.4.2 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.4.2
5.4.1 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.4.1
5.4 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.4
5.3.1 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.3.1
5.3 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.3
5.2 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.2
5.1.1 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.1.1
5.1 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.1
5.0.8 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.0.8
5.0.7 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.0.7
5.0.6 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.0.6
5.0.5 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.0.5
5.0.4 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.0.4
5.0.3 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.0.3
5.0.2 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.0.2
5.0.1 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.0.1
5.0.0 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:5.0.0
4.3.17 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:4.3.17
4.3.16 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:4.3.16
4.3.15 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:4.3.15
4.3.14 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:4.3.14
4.3.13 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:4.3.13
4.3.12 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:4.3.12
4.3.11 docker run -it zshusers/zsh:4.3.11


To build images, the requirements are:

To build an image of zsh's current master branch:

make build VERSION=master

To build an image of a branch (see all branches here):

make build VERSION=schaefer/badarrays

To build an image of a tag (see all tags here):

make build VERSION=5.4.1

To build an image of a commit:

make build VERSION=8abbaefaee7af75943b2b427205d0ec4a52a9b7b

To deploy an image to Docker Hub:

make deploy
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