A tool which allows an attacker to change the time on a GPS-enabled NTP server by using spoofed NEMA sentences
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NMEAdesync is a tool which will output NMEA sentences to stdout. Using socat you can redirect this output to NTPd and move time. NMEAdesync will be first prensented during a conference talk at BSidesCBR 2017.

NMEAdesync will send NMEA senetences with a spoof time to NTPd and also a spoofed PPS


NTPd using NMEA data over serial as the time, with PPS for accuarete timing. I set up a Pi using this guide.


  1. Configure the options in NMEAdesync.cfg
  2. Connect to the PPS wire to GPIO pint 25
  3. sudo rm /dev/gps0
  4. socat -d -d pty,raw,echo=0 "exec:/home/pi/NMEAdesync.py,pty,raw,echo=0"
  5. Note the pts number as will need to use it in the next step
  6. sudo ln -s /dev/pts/1 /dev/gps0
  7. Notice the time has changed
  8. Check pps sudo ppstest /dev/pps0