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86Box Manager

86Box Manager is an optional configuration manager for the 86Box emulator. It's released under the MIT license, so it can be freely distributed with 86Box. See the LICENSE file for license information and AUTHORS for a complete list of contributors and authors.

It's written in C# with Windows Forms. Please see the wiki for additional information.


  • Powerful, lightweight and completely optional
  • Create multiple isolated virtual machines
  • Give each virtual machine a unique name and an optional description
  • Run multiple virtual machines at the same time
  • Control virtual machines from the Manager (pause, reset, etc.)
  • A tray icon so the Manager window doesn't get in your way

System requirements

System requirements are the same as for 86Box. Additionally, the following is required:


If you have any issues, questions, suggestions, etc., please follow the troubleshooting steps or visit the official 86Box support channels on IRC and Discord (see the main 86Box repo for links). Lead developer, daviunic, is often idling there under the name Overdoze.

How to use

  1. Download the desired build here
  2. Run 86Manager.exe
  3. Go to Settings, choose the folder where 86Box.exe is located (along with the roms folder) and a folder where your virtual machines will be located (for configs, nvr folders, etc.)
  4. Start creating new virtual machines and enjoy

How to build

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Open 86BoxManager.sln solution file in Visual Studio
  3. Make your changes
  4. Choose the Release configuration and x86 platform/CPU
  5. Build the solution
  6. 86Manager.exe is now in Bin\x86\Release\