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Welcome to the official documentation for 96Boards, this documentation is written by the 96Boards team at Linaro with community contribution and links to third party material.

Select your platform for a list of supported products (left), or jump to 96Boards specific resources by selecting a board from the list (right).

Important links:

Platform Description Boards
IoT Edition
Expand on all 96Boards with new interfaces for IoT, industrial
control, and other embedded applications.
View Boards
Consumer Edition

These small, low-cost, and low-power consumer 96Boards
are great for developers, makers, and hobbyists!
View Boards
Enterprise Edition
These powerful, reliable, ARM based 96Boards boards are
ideal targets for networking and server segments
View Boards
Expand on all 96Boards with new interfaces for IoT,
industrial control, and other embedded applications.
View Boards


  • Linaro
    • Linaro brings together industry and the open source community to work on a wide variety of projects and tools to reduce industry wide fragmentation and redundant effort, and provide common software foundations for everyone.
  • 96Boards
    • The first open specification to define a platform for the delivery of compatible low-cost, small footprint 32-bit and 64-bit Cortex-A boards from a range of ARM System on Chip (SoC) vendors
  • Report a bug
    • Instructions on how to report bugs for any of our 96Boards hardware and software
  • Contribution Policy and Guide
    • View our documentation "Contribution Policy" and learn how you can contribute
  • Specifications
    • Low cost an server hardware platform specifications


Unless otherwise specified, everything in this repository is covered by the following licence:

Creative Commons Licence

96Boards Documentation by 96Boards is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.

Based on a work at

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