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The African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR) is a coalition of the continent's best muckraking newsrooms and centers. 🐣 by @CodeForAfrica

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  1. grano Public

    A toolkit for mapping networks of political and economic influence through diverse types of entities and their relations. Accessible at

    Python 189 31

  2. Who are the people behind the mining industry in Mozambique? A partial answer can be found by connecting minerals concessions to the people who control the licensed exploration and mining companies…

    Python 16 1

  3. Siyazana is an isiZulu word that means we know each other or we are connected. This website has been designed to provide users with a tool to investigate the connections that exist between the priv…

    Python 12 4

  4. grano-ui Public

    AngularJS-based user interface for grano, a social network analysis tool for journalists.

    JavaScript 10 3

  5. Public archive

    Offshore drilling platforms near the coast of Nigeria. Accessible at

    JavaScript 7 4

  6. How The Elite Hide Their Wealth. Accessible at

    CSS 7 3



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