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This repository contains all sources of IcedTeaWeb.

About IcedTeaWeb

IcedTeaWeb is an open source implementation of JSR-56 that is better known as Java Web Start.

Development origin

The project was formerly hosted as part of the project but moved to github.

The 1.7 and 1.8 release branches of IcedTeaWeb have been migrated to GitHub for fixing bugs in the previews releases. Next to this a new project structure has been established in the master branch. Here the project is being migrated to Maven and more usage of Java 8 APIs are being introduced. Based on this IcedTeaWeb can be transformed to a general WebStart / JNLP API that JDK and tool vendors can use to offer JNLP functionality. A good example is OpenWebStart that will be based on IcedTeaWeb.

All issues of the former Bugzilla issue tracker at were already migrated to GitHub and marked by the bugzilla-import label.

First Timers Support

We love open source. Based on this we develop IcedTeaWeb as an open source project. If you are new to open source development we have some specific issues for you. Just have a look at all issues with the good first issue label. This issues are reserved for people who never contributed to Open Source before. We know that the process of creating a pull request is the biggest barrier for new contributors. This issues are for you 💝 We use such issues for example to get involved at Hacktoberfest. If you want to know more about open source development and contribution in general you should have a look at this overview.


The project is released as open source under the GPLv2 with exceptions.