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Power8 image Power 8

The start menu replacer for Win8, styled and integrated inside taskbar.

Designed for Windows8, works under Windows10, XP SP3 and Se7en SP1 as well.
Screenshots below, and feature list below screenshots.
Requires .Net Framework 4 (here). Works better with .Net 4.5 (here).

Press about us: www.addictivetips.com | www.geekissimo.com | www.intowindows.com | www.drwindows.de | www.guiadowindows.net | cnet.com | geek.com


  • No system files patching;
  • No hooks over system objects;
  • No app-init DLLs;
  • No additional services, drivers, etc;
  • No trash in registry;
  • No installation - just unpack and launch (or install it if you wish);
  • Small, fast and powerful;
  • Open-source;

Current version

Current version is 1.6.1 Hotfix: v.
See change log for details on what's new in this release.
See known issues for the list of problems already found.

Power8 should work without problems. See stability chart for more information.
However, some localizations may be outdated, and new features may contain bugs. If you find that new features behave glitchy, please notify us as well.


See downloads page. Please do NOT use Internet Explorer when downloading file since it may cause you installation problems.

You can also inspect the source online and download it as zip (see sidebar), or clone main repo with any git client (even with Visual Studio). If you'd like to build the complete solution you will need to install Advanced Installer to obtain MSI package.

We also highly recommend to use ReSharper - The Most Intelligent Add-In To Visual Studio when working with C# code. @JetBrains: thanks for supporting the open-source!


Screenshot under W8 Screenshot under W7

Contact us!

Project is developed by developers from Ukraine:
Mike "AgentMC" Makarov: (core logic, system integration) agentmc-at-mail.ru or hackdesigner2010-at-hotmail.com, skype: hack-designer;
Andrey Khabalevskyi: (UI, design, user interaction): xabalevskii-at-gmail.com, skype: xabalevskii;

Localization (20 languages) is done by:

Language Done by Contact info
English Power8 team
Russian Power8 team
Swedish Åke Engelbrektson http://svenskasprakfiler.se
German* Mario Saternus mario.saternus@satiru.de
Dutch* Gerard Stenveld gstenveld@npz-nrz.nl
Italian* Michele Bastianelli 0makoblaster0@gmail.com
Spanish* Jose Vicente Bustos Ferrer jvbferrer@gmail.com
Finnish Sami Kuusisto sami@6sto.com
Portuguese Matheus Macabu mkbu95@gmail.com
Turkish* Veysi Ertekin ertekin.veysi@gmail.com
Chinese (Taiw. ,Simpl.)* Xiaoyu Wang chsome@gmail.com
Hungarian Zsolt Brechler zsolt.brechler@gmail.com
French* Marc An mar.can2004@voila.fr
Arabic* Zakaria Belbali gestapoz3000@gmail.com
Serbian, Croatian George Vasiljevich djordje.vasiljevich@gmail.com
Czech DžejPý dzejpy@klikni.cz
Romanian Florin David http://www.filecroco.com
Korean pCsOrI pCsOrI@gmail.com

* Outdated

Want to have Power8 in your language? Read Localization page.

Have ideas or suggestions? Contact us directly, or create a pull request. Consult also these pages: Roadmap, FeatureRequests.

Donate Us

Want to help Power8 development? Visit Donation Page.

What it can do already:

  1. Launches :) and positions itself in the Taskbar opposite to Show Desktop button. For Windows XP and Windows 10, it places itself over Start button;
  2. Styled similar to Show Desktop button (as in Developer Preview);
  3. Power and session features:
    • Shutdown;
    • Sleep;
    • Hibernate;
    • Restart;
    • Log off;
    • Lock screen (start screensaver);
    • Lock Windows;
  4. Displays expanding "All Programs" menu as it was back in old good XP&98 time:
    • With real icons;
    • With real descriptions (from desktop.ini);
    • Click to launch item;
  5. On main button right-click:
    • Allows to toggle auto-start;
    • Allows to enable automatic check for updates;
    • Allows to block Metro corner mouse rectangles;
    • Allows to show About window;
    • Allows to exit application;
      Screenshot of main context menu
  6. Context menu over menu items (Open folder, Open common folder, Run, Run as Administrator, ...):
    Screenshot of context menu over Start Menu
    (screenshot taken under WindowsXP SP3 RU, take a note on how Power8 uses system localized elements);
  7. Activated by hot key (Alt+Z) (see details here);
  8. Checks for updates (see details here);
  9. Has dedicated special menued folder buttons: open folder or show the menu with contents(see details here);
  10. Can search your PC and Internet 3 different ways (see details here):
    • Immediate All Programs and Most Frequently Used (MFU) applications search;
    • Windows Search returned results;
    • Support for internet search (like "w driver");
  11. Shows MFU history taken from system (see details here);
  12. Shows Jump Lists for MFU elements (see details here):
    • System Jump Lists for Windows 7 and 8, when obtainable;
    • Elements from internal JL engine for all supported OS.
  13. Allows you to pin/unpin MFU elements;
  14. Localized (see languages list above);
  15. Allows you to configure various settings in the settings window (see details here).

See more details under FeatureDetails page.

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