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Please note: AgrO is in its alpha phase and no official releases are available yet! Use with caution.


AgrO, the Agronomy Ontology, describes agronomic practices, agronomic techniques, and agronomic variables used in agronomic experiments. AgrO is being built by CGIAR using traits identified by agronomists, the ICASA variables, and other existing ontologies such as ENVO, UO, and PATO. Once stable, it is anticipated to provide value to SDGIO. It will complement existing crop, livestock, and fish ontologies to enable harmonized approaches to data collection, facilitating easier data sharing and reuse. Further, AgrO will power an Agronomy Management System and fieldbook modeled on a CGIAR Breeding Management System to capture agronomic data.

Mailing list

In general, posts to our GitHub issue tracker are recommended, however, we do have a mailing list! If you'd like to post to the AgrO mailing list, please send an e-mail here.

Note that all messages sent to the mailing list are publicly available and archived


Creative Commons License
Agronomy Ontology by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Aubert C, Buttigieg PL, Laporte MA, Devare M, Arnaud E. (2017) CGIAR Agronomy Ontology,