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Anarcho-Tech NYC Wiki 🏴

The NYC chapter of the Anarcho-Tech Collective provides technological and digital infrastructure support services to anti-fascist, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist organizations in New York City. These services range from computer training for activists and advocacy groups, to direct assistance with digital components of advocacy efforts and private audits of an ally's security posture when requested. We are an entirely volunteer-run organization operating without any licensing or legal recognition and a financial budget intentionally as close to zero as possible.

We appreciate support in the form of volunteer time, pull requests (i.e., constructive edits to our digital publications), and physical resources. If you're presently in NYC, feel free to come to our chapter's Anarcho-Tech Collective public activities, or any affiliated event, and say hi to some of us in person. You can find details for many public meetings and events via the event listings on our Calendars page.

  1. What's on this wiki
  2. Welcome guides
  3. Foundations
  4. Donations and support

What's on this wiki

This wiki is an evolving workspace of shared knowledge with a focus on building anti-fascist tools, and supporting our communities against settler-colonial, imperialist, and authoritarian regimes.

  1. Welcome guides - Newcomers unfamiliar with our collective who want to learn more about us and possibly contribute to our efforts may want to start here.
  2. Foundations - Unpresumptuous introductions to fundamental concepts for those who are just starting out with "tech stuff."
  3. Donations and support - How to materially help us do what we do.

Additionally, there are many other groups ranging across numerous political ideologies with whom we collaborate, share resources, and otherwise ally with. We encourage you to get involved with them, or otherwise support the ones that resonate strongly with you.

Welcome guides

If you're looking to get involved, consider exploring this wiki! There's plenty here for you to expand, and share. This list suggests a few pages from which to start:

  1. Social rules - Please read this short page first, which is designed to help you become a valuable and valued participant in our spaces.
  2. New member orientation guide - Self-paced walk-through to familiarize yourself with how we get shit done.
  3. Security culture - Before you can fuck shit up, you need to get this shit down.
  4. Projects - High-level overview of our collective's current projects; these represent the main areas where you can directly contribute to our work.


If you're just getting started with "tech stuff" for the first time, or if you've had an unconventional exposure or education on the topic, there's a good chance a lot of the terms, concepts, and fundamental principles you need to know have been poorly explained (at best). At least, that was our experience. To address this, we've compiled quick guides to foundational principles along with heavily curated suggestions for various learning paths in our Foundations pages; these are the guides we wish we had when we were getting started.

Donations and support

You can make a single donation via BitCoin of whatever amount you are comfortable with. To do so, tap, click, or scan any of the donation links or barcodes on our various websites.

  • Copy and paste our BitCoin address: 17ByVbkM6mf7bytqWRFwzjqradBkmVh4Tr

  • Tap or click on a Bitcoin donate banner. They look like this:

  • Scan our QR code with your BitCoin app. They look like this:

    Donate to AnarchoTechNYC via BitCoin

Donations cannot be earmarked; they go to equipment purchases and repairs, snacks and refreshments, venue rental fees, and direct financial support to active collective members in need, as we deem necessary.

But please remember that while cash is nice, what we really need it for are these other materials (food, drink, and other necessities). We would far prefer to simply acquire those other necessities of life directly, without the need for something so Statist as money. So, other ways to support our events include showing up early to help set up, helping clean up afterwards, bringing food and refreshments yourself, and doing anything that the money would go for yourself, directly.

TL:DR; We do not sell anything, but we still need to survive in capitalism. If you like what we're doing here and want it to continue or grow, please use some of your money to free our time so that we can do more of this and less of wage slavery. Thanks!

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