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We are a new team working on Archimedes, We would like to show a tutorial of how set up an environment to work with Archimedes. In order to code for Archimedes, just follow these steps:

1. Download and install a Java Virtual Machine S.E. SDK version 1.5 or later compatible with the Sun virtual machine (We suggest the version from

2. Download and install an Eclipse version above 3.4. Make sure it has all of the Eclipse RCP plugins. We suggest "Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers". The installation just involves unpacking the zip or tar.gz file you downloaded. Enter to the folder that was created on the previous step, there should be an executable called 'eclipse'. Run that executable.

3. Download the Archimedes project. You need to create a git account ( To get the code:
 - as a user (Git read-only access), use "git://".
 - as a developer (Git read-write access), use "". This option needs a code access, for that you must send an e-mail to the admin of the project.

4. Import the project on Eclipse. Go to "File"->"Import". Select "Git"->"Projects from Git". Press Next, select the URI option and press Next. Fill in the URI field with "". Then press next to maintain the default options. Finally press finish.

5. Run Archimedes. For that, find the project "", expand it. Find the file "archimedes.product", right-click it, "Run As..."->"Eclipse Application". On Mac, that's enough. It all works. On Linux, there is a problem, because it doesn't select all plugins needed. It then pops an error dialog, press proceed button.

6. Configure Eclipse IDE.
 - Note 1: To add more "Plug-ins" for Archimedes, find the project "", expand it. Find the file "archimedes.product", right-click it, select "Run As..."->"Run Configuration". In the left panel, select "Eclipse Application"->"archimedes.product". Select the tab "Plug-ins" and then press the "Add Required Plug-ins" button (or select manually any other plug-ins desired). Click "Apply" button.
 - Note 2: If you are getting some compile errors ("there are red signs on the projects"), try changing your Java default compile version. To do so, go to "Window"->"Preferences..." (or "Eclipse"->"Preferences..." on Mac), type 'compiler' , select the "Compiler" item on your left pane, change the "Compiler compliance level" to "1.5". It should rebuild the project and remove the compiler errors.

Obs: To send your changes to the Archimede's GitHub repository, you nee privileges. to get then, send an e-mail to the Rep. admin.
That's all

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