hqx-java is a Java port of hqx, a fast, high-quality magnification filter designed for pixel art.
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Original Introduction

hqx ("hq" stands for "high quality" and "x" stands for magnification) is one of the pixel art scaling algorithms developed by Maxim Stepin, used in emulators such as Nestopia, bsnes, ZSNES, Snes9x, FCE Ultra and many more. There are 3 hqx filters: hq2x, hq3x, and hq4x, which magnify by factor of 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

Port Introduction

hqx-java is a Java port of the excellent hqxSharp C# port, which itself is a port of the original hqx C project

Like the hqxSharp project, the focus of this code is asset creation and usage in tools, so no optimizations were done, just an almost-direct copy of the code.


Look in the wiki for usage information


For examples, go to Maxim Stepin hqx pages (hq2x and hq3x)