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Assets 3

Testing release.

New Feature: External Images. It is now possible to link an external file for use as an image in AOI. The filename and path are saved, and any changes to the image are automatically loaded next time you open the AOI file. Files that have been saved in an AOI file can be exported to standard Image file formats, and used as external images.

NOTE: AOI files containing images saved with this version will not open properly with older releases. Please experiment on files that you can afford to lose, or make a backup copy before you begin.

New Feature: Controls to manage these images, and general bulk image management. These controls are available in the images dialog. These controls are in a very early version. Please test them, and give feedback, as we would like to simplify and streamline this part of the interface significantly.

Several bugfixes. Please see the included for details.


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Assets 3

Testing release.

Features a major re-working of interactive view controls, including 4 different movement configurations, and the addition of cue graphics to help navigate through them.

The new functionality relies heavily on middle- and right-click mouse actions, Mouse scroll controls, and modifier-key/mouse combinations. The combinations should be fairly intuitive if you are already used to using the mouse to control your views. The basics are as follows:

  • Alt + Left Drag = Center Drag = Rotate view about (View) X and Y axes
  • Ctrl + Alt + Left Drag = Ctrl + Center Drag = Rotate View around (View) Z axis
    • This control displays a "Clock Dial" cue graphic when in motion
  • Ctrl Right Drag = Scroll Wheel = Move along (View) Z axis in perspective mode, Zoom in Parallel mode
  • Right Drag = slide along (View) X and Y axes (Strafe)

  • Space and Tray modes center view rotation around a point in front of the view.
  • Alt + Left Click = Center Click = pick center of rotation.
    • If click on object, Object is now center
    • If not click on object, center is projected at same z-depth as old center
  • Z-axis move takes the rotation center along with it, at constant distance from viewpoint
  • Space rotations are unconstrained
  • Tray rotations lock out Z-axis rotation and constrain results of other rotations so that (Scene) Y always projects as parallel to (View) Y

  • Fly and drive modes center rotation at the viewpoint.
  • Z-Slide in center of cue "Sight Ring" moves straight along (View) Z.
  • Z-Slide outside cue center, but inside cue border, adds rotation in direction of mouse cursor.
    • magnitude of rotation is dependent on distance from center
  • Fly is unconstrained, Drive is constrained similarly to Tray
    • Z-Slide outside of cue shifts to rotation in direction of mouse cursor in fly mode
    • Z-Slide in drive shifts to rotation around Y axis/Slide along Y axis, depending upon position of cursor.

The existing move view and rotate view tools function much as they always did.

Please test and give feedback!

Assets 7

Stable release 3.0.3

Our first release on github!

Major changes include:

  • Fixed bug related to shaded mesh objects having wrong material properties calculated
  • Fixed twitchy smoothed Position/Rotation tracks
  • Upgraded Jogl Libraries
  • Moved View controls to their own menu
  • Performance enhancement for faster multi-thread raytracing on many-core processors (Need about 6 or more cores to notice significant differences)

You can use one of the OS-specific packages to install Art Of Illusion as a normal application. You do need to have java installed on your computer. If you do not have java, the installer will direct you to a safe website where you can get it for free.

If you don't want to install, you can download the no-install zip, and unzip it to the location of your choice. This no-install package has the following features:

  • Launchers are included for Windows and Linux.
  • On all other platforms, you can double-click ArtOfIllusion.jar if the platform supports it, or you can launch from a command line environment.
  • jogl binaries are included for:
    • OSX
    • 32 and 64 bit Windows
    • Intel compatible 32 and 64 bit Linux
    • armv6/armv6hf Linux (Raspbian, etc.)
  • For jogl support on other platforms (Optional - AOI will run without it) Please select the correct gluegen-rt-natives-<platform>.jar and jogl-natives-<platform>.jar files from and place them in the /lib folder.

Edited Sept. 12, 2018: Replaced Linux installer to correct incorrectly named archive