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v0.4.0 Uninstall AutolabJS

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To uninstall AutolabJS from a single machine deployment, follow the steps given below:

  1. Download the code repository.
    wget -O
    mv AutolabJS-dev AutolabJS
    Or alternatively, if you have the repository downloaded from the time you installed AutolabJS, you can use the same.

    Move to the AutolabJS directory.
    cd AutolabJS

  2. If you plan to install AutolabJS at a later stage, you can save the docker images for future use. To save the docker images, follow this step, else you can skip to the next step.

    1. Change to the docker-images directory.
      cd docker-images

    2. Run the script
      This will save all the docker images in the same directory. There are 6 docker images. The files saved will be:

       - gitlab.tar
       - main_server.tar  
       - ubuntu-16.04.tar
       - execution_node.tar
       - load_balancer.tar
       - mysql.tar
    3. You can save these images at any location you prefer. When you want to install AutolabJS, you can use these files directly. Use the script in the same directory to do so.
      Remember, this script needs to be run from the same directory where the images are stored.

    4. Now, move back to the AutolabJS directory.
      cd ..

  3. If you had added additional nodes during the installation, you have to make the same modification to the single_machine file made in point 4 of the installation. This step should be skipped if you performed the default setup.

  4. Move to the deploy directory.
    cd deploy

  5. Uninstall AutolabJS using the command below.
    ansible-playbook uninstall.yml --ask-become-pass

You have now successfully uninstalled AutolabJS.

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