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Taipy Logo

Taipy -Your Web Application Builder. Pure Python.


Taipy is an open-source Python library for building your web application front-end & back-end.

Turns data and AI algorithms into production-ready web applications in no time.

📊 We make both ends meet ⚙️

User Interface Generation Scenario and Data Management
Interface Animation Back-End Animation


Open a terminal and run:

$ pip install taipy

You're all set! All aboard the Taipy journey 🚂


Join our Discord to give us feedback, share your creations or just to have a chat with us.

Ready, Set, GUI

Tiny User Interface Demo

from taipy import Gui

excitement_page = """
# Welcome to Taipy
### How excited are you to try Taipy?


My excitement level: <|{excitement}|>
excitement = 100



🎊 TA-DA! 🎊

Tiny Demo

Check out our Getting Started and Documentation

Scenario and Data Management ⚙️

Let's create a Scenario in Taipy to filter movie data based on the genre you choose. This scenario models a simple pipeline. It is submitted (for execution) each time the genre selection changes and outputs the seven most popular movies of that genre.

⚠️ Here, the back-end involves the execution of a very simple pipeline (made of a single task). Note that Taipy is designed to build much more complex pipelines 🚀 (with many tasks!)

Here is our filter function: a standard Python function that is used by the unique task in the scenario

def filter_genre(initial_dataset: pd.DataFrame, selected_genre):
    filtered_dataset = initial_dataset[initial_dataset['genres'].str.contains(selected_genre)]
    filtered_data = filtered_dataset.nlargest(7, 'Popularity %')
    return filtered_data

This is the execution graph of the scenario we are implementing

Demo Execution Graph

Taipy Studio - The easy peasy way

You can use the Taipy Studio extension in Visual Studio Code to configure your scenario with no code

Demo Studio Gif

Your configuration is automatically saved as a TOML file

Check out our Documentation

Taipy Scenario & Data Management - a walk on the code side

For more advanced use cases or if you prefer coding your configurations instead of using Taipy Studio, Taipy has your back!

Check out the movie genre demo scenario creation with this Demo

Check out our Getting Started and Documentation

User Interface Generation ➕ Scenario & Data Management

Now, let's load this configuration and add a user interface on top for a 🎉FULL APPLICATION🎉

import taipy as tp
import pandas as pd
from taipy import Config, Scope, Gui

# Taipy Scenario & Data Management

# Filtering function - task
def filter_genre(initial_dataset: pd.DataFrame, selected_genre):
    filtered_dataset = initial_dataset[initial_dataset["genres"].str.contains(selected_genre)]
    filtered_data = filtered_dataset.nlargest(7, "Popularity %")
    return filtered_data

# Load the configuration made with Taipy Studio
scenario_cfg = Config.scenarios["scenario"]

# Start Taipy Core service

# Create a scenario
scenario = tp.create_scenario(scenario_cfg)

# Taipy User Interface
# Let's add a GUI to our Scenario Management for a full application

# Callback definition - submits scenario with genre selection
def on_genre_selected(state):
    state.df =

# Get list of genres
genres = [
    "Action", "Adventure", "Animation", "Children", "Comedy", "Fantasy", "IMAX"
    "Romance","Sci-FI", "Western", "Crime", "Mystery", "Drama", "Horror", "Thriller", "Film-Noir","War", "Musical", "Documentary"

# Initialization of variables
df = pd.DataFrame(columns=["Title", "Popularity %"])
selected_genre = "Action"

## Set initial value to Action
def on_init(state):

# User interface definition
my_page = """
# Film recommendation

## Choose your favorite genre

## Here are the top seven picks by popularity
<|{df}|chart|x=Title|y=Popularity %|type=bar|title=Film Popularity|>




Image of a Taipy demonstration application

☁️Taipy Cloud☁️

With Taipy Cloud, you can deploy your Taipy applications in a few clicks and for free!

Demonstration of Taipy Cloud

Click here to get started for free

Contributing ⚒⚒

Want to help build Taipy? Check out our file.

Code of conduct

Want to be part of the Taipy community? Check out our file.


Copyright 2023 Avaiga Private Limited

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.