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AviSynth+ is an improved version of the AviSynth frameserver, with improved features and developer friendliness.

Visit our forum thread for compilation instructions and support.

Building the documentation:

(Note: the bundled documentation lags behind the descriptions found in the wiki. You can always check the online documentation at

AviSynth+'s documentation can be generated into HTML by using Sphinx.


Make sure that Sphinx is installed. This requires that Python is already installed and the pip tool is available. Sphinx 1.3 is the recommended version.

pip install sphinx

For various Linux distributions, a Sphinx package should be available in the distro's repositories. Often under the name 'python-sphinx' (as it is in Ubuntu's repositories).

There is currently a fallback so that distros that only provide Sphinx 1.2 can still build the documentation. It will look different than when built with Sphinx 1.3, because the theme used with Sphinx 1.3 (bizstyle) had not yet been added to the main Sphinx package.

Building the documentation

Once Sphinx is installed, we can build the documentation.

cd distrib/docs/english
make html

Headers for applications which dynamically load AviSynth+:

The expected use-case of AviSynth+ is as a dynamically loaded library (using LoadLibrary on Windows or dlopen everywhere else).

Due to this, it's not actually necessary to build the AviSynth+ library itself in order for applications using it this way to find it.

To facilitate this, we support using CMake to do a limited, headers-only install. The GNUmakefile is deprecated and will eventually be removed.

Using CMake:

To install:

mkdir avisynth-build && cd avisynth-build
cmake ../ -DHEADERS_ONLY:bool=on
make VersionGen install

-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX can be used to override the install location if need be.

To uninstall:

make uninstall

Using GNUmakefile (legacy):

To install:

make install

To install to a non-standard location:

make install PREFIX=/path/to/location

To uninstall:

make uninstall PREFIX=/path/to/location


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