High Performance and Scalability framework for Java
Latest commit 5224188 Aug 24, 2016 @abuijze abuijze Exposed the start and shutdown method on EventProcessor interface
Instead of them being implementation specific methods.


Axon Framework

A CQRS Framework for Scalable, High-Performance Java Applications

For more information, visit our website: http://www.axonframework.org.

Build status and issue tracker

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If you're looking for the issue tracker, visit http://issues.axonframework.org.



  • The Unit of Work was refactored to only coordinate the processes involved in the handling of a message. In all other ways it is domain agnostic now, e.g. it does not know what aggregates or events are anymore.
  • Common components related to messaging have been moved to org.axonframework.messaging. Note that this may cause issues in applications that store serialized versions of MetaData and Message instances, e.g. in applications that use the QuartzEventScheduler.