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Awesome ActivityPub Awesome License: CC0 Status: WIP

Curated list of ActivityPub-based Projects!

ActivityPub is W3C standard, decentralized social networking protocol.

Note: This list is outdated. Please see delightful fediverse apps for latest information.



Information for developers and implementers.


Services supporting ActivityPub federation.

  • Dokieli - A clientside editor for decentralised article publishing, annotations and social interactions.
  • Funkwhale - A modern, self-hosted, free and open-source music server.
  • Hubzilla - Macroblogging social network supports Zot, OStatus, diaspora, ActivityPub.
  • Mastodon - Microblogging service based on ActivityPub and OStatus protocol.
  • Misskey - Microblogging service based on ActivityPub.
  • PeerTube - Video streaming platform with ActivityPub and WebTorrent.
  • BookWyrm - A social network for tracking your reading and talking about books.
  • PixelFed - Federated Image Sharing.
  • Pleroma - Lightweight microblogging service based on ActivityPub and OStatus protocol.
  • Plume - Federated blogging engine with ActivityPub.
  • Prismo - Federated link aggregation powered by ActivityPub.
  • Rustodon - A Mastodon-compatible, ActivityPub-speaking server in Rust.
  • anancus - Self-hosted and federated social link aggregation.
  • anfora - Self-hosted photo gallery social network.
  • distbin - Distributed Pastebin, support ActivityPub and Micropub.
  • - A self-hosted, single-user, ActivityPub powered microblog.
  • - A distraction-free writing space with ActivityPub support.
  • Nextcloud Social - Federated social network application on Nextcloud.
  • Pterotype - A WordPress plugin bringing your blog to the Fediverse.
  • ActivityPub for WordPress - An ActivityPub plugin for WordPress.
  • ActivityPub for Drupal - An ActivityPub module for the Drupal open-source digital experience platform.
  • Mobilizon - A federated organization and mobilization platform.
  • Socialhome - A federated personal profile with social networking functionality.
  • Lemmy - Building a federated alternative to reddit in rust.
  • lotide - Federated forum / link aggregator using ActivityPub.
  • - Chess over ActivityPub.
  • GoToSocial - A ActivityPub social network server, written in Golang.
  • Gancio - A federating event server focusing on content.
  • Castopod - Specialiced for podcasts.
  • Mbin - A federated content aggregator, content rating, dissussion and microblogging platform
  • Postmarks - A single-user bookmarking server for the Fediverse.
  • Shuttlecraft - A single-user ActivityPub server.


Simple example of implementing ActivityPub.


A little help for implementing ActivityPub.

  • activity - ActivityPub library for Golang.
  • activitypub-php - A library to turn any PHP project into a full ActivityPub implementation.


Connecting the ActivityPub federation with another federation.

Community and Advocacy Groups

  • SocialHub - Forum for ActivityPub-related projects.
  • Federated Networks Association - Non-profit organization for the advocacy of website federation, and forum for related projects.
  • - A quick look into Fediverse networks.
  • We Distibute - a publication dedicated to Free Software, decentralized communication technologies, and sustainability.