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A project to create ultra cheap, accessible robots
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The ProtoBot project

Welcome! The goal of this project to create a robot platform that's

Simple and easy to use

With a total of 2 motors, and 4 sensors, the ProtoBot is a very simple robot.
Don’t let it fool you, though! You can still do a lot with it, especially with programming. 
It’s also very easy to build. In our experience, a middleschooler can build one in several
hours, including soldering the board.

Low Cost and Accessible

Using cheap, common components, the ProtoBot is easily sourced online. The plastic parts 
can be printed on any 3D printer that has a  build volume over 10x10x5, or ordered from a
3D printing service online. The PCB can be either hand etched, or obtained through a 
PCB prototyping service.

100% Open Source

Everything is open source, even the guides. That means anyone can:

  Download all design files, source code, and documentation free of charge
  Modify all or any part of the work
  Distribute the original, or modified versions of the work
  Sell copies of the original, or modified work

NOTE: Still a work in progress- If anything's missing, please contact me!

Liscense notes: All the hardware design files, and Arduino software/programs are under MIT liscenses. All the Guides and instructions are under CC Attriution 4.0 liscenses.

To credit me on a website or document, simply link to my GitHub here. PCBs and STL files need not include any form of direct credit, assuming any modified versions you upload to the internet have a link to my GitHub, credited as the original project. Code can simply have a line at the top that says something like "Based off of original code by Jacob Field, the ProtoBotProject" and a the GitHub URL. Basically, make sure people are able to find the original project from your modification, if they wish.

If you have any questions about this or anythign else, feel free to contact me. There's a contact form on the website that goes directly to my personal email.

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