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sp_BlitzFirst: add @OutputTableNameBlitzWho parameter #2159

BrentOzar opened this issue Oct 22, 2019 · 1 comment · Fixed by #2160


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@BrentOzar BrentOzar commented Oct 22, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I've had a couple of clients in a row whose plan cache was essentially useless due to apps sending in unparameterized queries, and they wanted to log sp_BlitzWho to table every X minutes rather than sp_BlitzCache. That way they could capture which queries were running during multiple samples, and even get their live query plans along the way.

Describe the solution you'd like
Add @OutputTableNameBlitzWho, and pass that (and the database & schema params) to sp_BlitzWho, which already has those as input parameters. Pass these during the normal calls to sp_BlitzWho - no need to run additional calls - and make sure sp_BlitzWho returns the output to the console as well as logging to table (not either/or) so that it has no changes to the interactive mode.

Are you ready to build the code for the feature?

@BrentOzar BrentOzar added this to the 2019-10 Release milestone Oct 22, 2019
@BrentOzar BrentOzar self-assigned this Oct 22, 2019
BrentOzar added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 22, 2019
Fixes a few different related bugs - see the issue for details. Closes #2159.
BrentOzar added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 22, 2019
Fixes a few different related bugs - see the issue for details. Closes #2159.

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@BrentOzar BrentOzar commented Oct 22, 2019

In the process of coding this, identified a couple of related things:

sp_BlitzWho needed a new @CheckDateOverride parameter that works the same way it does in sp_BlitzCache, which led me to find...

sp_BlitzCache's output table was ignoring @CheckDateOverride parameter. That's because we're now using @SortOrder = 'all', which calls sp_BlitzCache a few times, and we weren't passing @CheckDateOverride in each time we called it. As a result, the query outputs in the sp_BlitzCache table couldn't be joined to the sp_BlitzFirst result. Fixed.

BrentOzar added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 24, 2019
* #2005 sp_Blitz version numbers (#2006)

Working on #2005.

* #2005 easier merges for versions

Putting Version, VersionDate variables on a single line. Closes #2005.

* #2010 sp_Blitz paused online index operations (#2011)

Add warning for rows in sys.index_resumable_operations. Closes #2010.

* Fix collation error. (#2014)

* #2015 sp_BlitzCache sorting in Azure SQL DB (#2016)

Instead of checking version numbers, look at sys.all_columns for the grant and spill columns. Closes #2015.

* #2024 sp_BlitzQueryStore s.is_cursor error (#2025)

Changed alias on a temp table to match other nearby aliases. Closes #2024.

* First responder consistency check (#1997)

* sp_Blitz update compile and runs on MSSQL 2014

* Update sp_Blitz.sql

Added @debug handling - bug found for missing mandatory component

* Update sp_Blitz.sql

* Update sp_Blitz.sql

CheckId familly:

226 - FRK consistency

2260 - First Responder kit consistency check has been unexpectedly modified (check names)
2261 - First Responder kit consistency check has been unexpectedly modified (dynamic query failure)
2262 - First Responder kit mandatory component called %s is missing
2263 - First Responder kit consistency check has been unexpectedly modified (checks ordering)
2264 - Component %s is not at the minimum version required to run this procedure
2265 - First Responder kit consistency check (Failed dynamic SP call to %s)
2266 - First Responder kit consistency: outdated component (%s)

removed "everything ok message"

* Resolves almost all Brent's comments except CHAR(92) change

removed 2264 - Component %s is not at the minimum version required to run this procedure
changed detailled finding message for previous 2264 message

Checked compilation on SQL Server 2014

* #1994 sp_Blitz version checking (#2028)

Changed wording from "consistency check" to "version check," updated check IDs, removed mandatory scripts. Closes #1994.

* #1944 sp_BlitzIndex ignore databases (#2029)

Adds new IgnoreDatabases parameter, and skips databases with >100 partitions. Closes #1944.

* #2009 sp_BlitzFirst call BC differently (#2030)

Use SkipAnalysis = 1, SortOrder = all when calling sp_BlitzCache. Closes #2009.

* #2026 sp_BlitzCache show multiple plan count (#2031)

Closes #2026.

* #2017 sp_Blitz Evaluation Edition expiration check (#2032)

Closes #2017.

* #2018 sp_BlitzCache arith overflow (#2033)

Changing MONEY on totals to BIGINT. Closes #2018.

* #2019 sp_BlitzCache air_quote_actual plans (#2034)

Closes #2019.

* Add END in the right spot for IF @Help = 1 (#2035)

The END for IF @Help = 1 was in the wrong place, making the procedure a no-op *unless* you also specify @Help = 1.

* #2037 sp_BlitzLock support for AWS RDS (#2038)

Skips update stats with options that RDS doesn't support. Closes #2037.

* 2019_04_release_prep

Bumping version numbers, building installation scripts.

* Moved SQL header build outside of If block (#2040)

* #2042 implicit transaction troubleshooting (#2043)

Clarify warnings in sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzFirst. Closes #2042.

* edit hyperlink (#2056)

* add @OutputType = 'XML' (#2048)

* Update sp_blitzcache to avoid arithmetic overflow errors (#2046)

Updated sp_blitzcache to avoid arithmetic overflow errors - tabel definitions had changed to BIGINT but the actual logic in this section still casted values as money which was breaking the ceiling for this on our setup.  I've pretty much blanket chantged everything except averages to be bigint and have been running for a few days with no failrues since so looks ok and worth someone who knows what they're doing casting an eye over it!

* Update sp_ineachdb.sql (#2061)

Added 2 Variables 
@SQLVersion: This was implemented so that large organizations with SQL Server 2008 and R2 can use this sproc.  Currently without this change SQL Server versions 2008 and 2008R2 will error with the following.  Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_ineachdb, Line 176
Invalid object name 'sys.dm_hadr_database_replica_states'.

@ServerName:  This was added to account for VMware SnapShots at times @@ServerName will either come up NULL or with old server name.  CONVERT(sysname, SERVERPROPERTY('ServerName')) is a better option and reduces minor nuisances.  

Feel free to blend in the code if you feel this brings value to the project.

* ignore readable secondaries in sp_blitzcache (#2049)

* ignore readable secondaries in sp_blitzcache

this is a fix for issue #2027

* Checking for is_primary_replica column

In sys.dm_hadr_database_replica_states.

* 2019_07 Release

Bumping version numbers and updating install scripts.

* Set DBOwner after restoring database (#2082)

* Default @RestoreDiff = NULL
If @RestoreDiff IS NULL and @BackupPathDiff != null: treat RestoreDiff=1

* Set database owner after restore

* Revert restorediff change from dev branch

* Exclude Readable secondary DBs (#2073)

Temp table added (#ReadableDBs) this table is populated with all read intent database id's which is used to filter out these database when querying against dm_exec_requests or sessions with a cross apply against a plan cache function.

* #2067 Updating directory "/" fixing to work with URLs (#2071)

* Updating directory "/" fixing to work with URLs

Also correcting incorrect logging message for fixing @MoveLogDrive slashes

* Fixing variable typo

Data should be log

* #2076 sp_BlitzIndex columnstore to table (#2085)

When saving columnstore definitions to table, trim them to 4000 characters to avoid an overflow. Closes #2076.

* @2060 sp_BlitzFirst 2TB RAM (#2086)

Casting RAM as a BIGINT instead of INT. Closes #2060.

* #2053 sp_BlitzIndex ignoring databases (#2087)

Strip out CR/LF from @IgnoreDatabases, trim spaces afterwards. Closes #2053.

* #2022 sp_BlitzCache disabling air_quote_actuals (#2088)

This SQL 2019 & Azure SQL DB feature isn't ready yet, so disabling til Microsoft is ready. Closes #2022.

* #2044 sp_Blitz new power mode (#2089)

Adds Windows 10's new Ultimate Performance Power Mode, whatever that is. Closes #2044.

* #2062 sp_BlitzFirst false alarm on index reorgs (#2091)

Filtering for sql_text not like %alter index%'. Closes #2062 with duct tape.

* #2052 sp_BlitzCache prioritization (#2092)

Fixes bug in AirQuoteActual plans, plus if plan cache is 75% new as of today, raise priority 1 warning. Closes #2052.

* #2070 sp_BlitzCache duplicated index count (#2093)

Filters index recommendations by spid. Closes #2070.

* sp_DatabaseRestore case bug

Inconsistent case sensitivity.

* 2019-09 release prep

Bumping version numbers and dates.

* 2019-08 release

Updating multi-script installs.

* #2097 sp_DatabaseRestore sysname caps (#2100)

Change from uppercase to lowercase for case-sensitive systems. Closes #2097.

* Issue 2063 selects with writes (#2101)

* Update sp_BlitzCache.sql

Adds check for selects that cause writes.

* Update BC docs

Adds a line to the documentation for BlitzCache, tidies up warning table message.

* Fix compression query perf (#2103)

Breaking this up into #temp tables has made it much faster on servers with many partitions.

* Issue 2051 query hash sort (#2102)

* Add query hash sort order

Grabs top10 highest cpu consuming plans with highest count of query hashes (multiple plans), and runs BlitsCache to find them.

* add a word

why not?

* Tweaks for query hash

* URL housekeeping (#2098)

* New Zealand is a real place and it's offensive for you to suggest otherwise 🥝

* revert edits to Install* scripts

* #2111 sp_BlitzCache missing union all (#2112)

Cleans up the documentation, closes #2111.

* Added Uninstaller Script (#2105)

* Added Uninstaller Script

Fulfills request #2080

Deletes all the FirstResponderKit procedures from the current DB or all DBs via parameter

* Case sensitive collation fixes

Gotta love those case sensitive servers.

* Remove stray semicolon (#2115)

Closes #2114 

Semicolon throws syntax error.

* Fix roll up where clause (#2116)

Closes #2113 

Where clause should only look at flagged lines.

* #2096 sp_BlitzFirst BST compatibility (#2117)

Not really about BST, heh, but just using the wrong date/time format. Closes #2096.

* 2109_sp_BlitzCache_AirQuoteActuals (#2118)

If the AirQuoteActual plan is longer than the regular plan, use it. Closes #2109.

* #2119 2019-09 release prep (#2120)

Bumping version numbers, dates, install scripts. Closes #2119.

* #2122 deprecating sp_foreachdb (#2123)

Moving into the deprecated folder. Closes #2122.

* #2124 Fix BlitzQueryStore Edition Check Comparison (#2125)

* Issue 2127/fvanderhaegen (#2129)

* #2127 sp_DatabaseRestore added parameters

Blocksize, buffercount and maxtransfersize are added

* Update sp_DatabaseRestore.sql

* Update sp_BlitzIndex.sql (#2126)

Fix Cannot resolve collation conflict between "Language_A" and "Language_B" in add operator occurring in ORDER BY statement column 3.

* #2130 sp_Blitz blocked due to DMV bug (#2131)

Added new SkipBlockingChecks parameter. Closes #2130.

* Fix Cannot resolve collation conflict between "Language_A" and "Language_B" in add operator occurring in ORDER BY statement column 3. (#2133)

* Update sp_BlitzIndex.sql

Fix Cannot resolve collation conflict between "Language_A" and "Language_B" in add operator occurring in ORDER BY statement column 3.

* Update sp_BlitzIndex.sql

Fix Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'x' to data type int.

* #2135 sp_BlitzFirst log message dates (#2138)

Closes #2135.

* #2136 Fix BlitzQS DB Name Comparison for Query Store Check. (#2137)

* #2141 sp_Blitz UNC backup check (#2142)

Closes #2141.

* #2143 sp_BlitzIndex missing index sort (#2144)

Now ignores the old is_low column. Closes #2143.

* corrected fix for issue #2149 (#2151)

* fix for issue #2149

unused heaps were reported as used, see #2149

* corrected fix for issue #2149

* clarifying StopAt parameter

Clarifying sp_DatabaseRestore's StopAt parameter for #2152.

* #2156 sp_BlitzCache query hash sorting (#2157)

Can now sort by query hash plus a second sort field, and avoids calling the proc again. Closes #2156.

* #2147 sp_BlitzLock in local time (#2158)

Filters & displays local time instead of UTC. Closes #2147.

* #2159 sp_BlitzFirst calling sp_BlitzWho (#2160)

Fixes a few different related bugs - see the issue for details. Closes #2159.

* #2155 sp_BlitzFirst adding SkipAnalysis param (#2161)

Passes BlitzCacheSkipAnalysis parameter to sp_BlitzCache. Closes #2155.

* #2162 add JoinKey columns to output tables (#2163)

Closes #2162.

* #2164 sp_BlitzFirst prepping BlitzCache joins (#2165)

Adding query hash to outputs to join to sp_BlitzCache data. Also updating 2017 Hekaton counters while I'm in here. Closes #2162.

* #2166 sp_BlitzWho alter table order (#2167)

Create the table, THEN alter it, you moron. Closes #2166.

* #2168 sp_BlitzCache MinutesBack (#2171)

Now works with SortOrder = 'all'. Closes #2168.

* #2170 sp_BlitzCache SortOrder All Dupes (#2173)

Plans from the SortOrder = 'spills' were being classified as 'memory grant'. Closes #2170.

* Updating for SortOrder = all

Clarifying how sp_BlitzCache SortOrder All works. Related to #2170.

* 2019-10 Release

Bumping version numbers.
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