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Getting started with GraphQL on ASP.NET Core and Hot Chocolate - Workshop

If you want to browse the GraphQL server head over here.


For this workshop we need a couple of prerequisites. First, we need the .NET SDK 5.0.

Then we need some IDE/Editor in order to do some proper C# coding, you can use VSCode or if you have already on your system Visual Studio or JetBrains Rider.

Last but not least we will use our GraphQL IDE Banana Cake Pop.

Note: When installing Visual Studio you only need to install the ASP.NET and web development workload.

What you'll be building

In this workshop, you'll learn by building a full-featured GraphQL Server with ASP.NET Core and Hot Chocolate from scratch. We'll start from File/New and build up a full-featured GraphQL server with custom middleware, filters, subscription and relay support.

Database Schema:

Database Schema Diagram

GraphQL Schema:

The GraphQL schema can be found here.


Session Topics
Session #1 Building a basic GraphQL server API.
Session #2 Controlling nullability.
Session #3 Understanding GraphQL query execution and DataLoader.
Session #4 GraphQL schema design approaches.
Session #5 Understanding middleware.
Session #6 Adding complex filter capabilities.
Session #7 Adding real-time functionality with subscriptions.
Session #8 Testing the GraphQL server.


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