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A bot for the CSS discord server, written in Python using
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Build Status A bot for the CSS discord server, written in Python 3.6 using

See also CSSBot, same idea just in C#.

Installation / Setup / Usage

This project is meant for Python 3.6. Please ensure that you have that installed and working, then come back here.


You'll probably need to install a few packages and Python 3.6 first.


python3.6 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
sudo apt-get install libffi-dev python3.6-dev


  • Register your own discord bot for testing with.
    • Navigate to the Discord API docs and log in: (if you log in for the first time, it'll probably take you to the app, so go back again).
    • Click on the "New App" button
    • Name your app. Click "Create App"
    • Click "Create a Bot User" (Discord API supports a few types of apps/bots, but we are building a bot)
    • Locate your bot's user token. Your user token must not be shared with anyone. If it is posted publicly, change it ASAP.
  • Clone the repo using git clone
  • Create a new file in your CSSBot_Py directory: config.ini
    • Populate the file with the following contents:


Run the following command:


The first lines should read something like:

Logged in SomeUser - 1234567890
Version 1.0.0a

(for future consideration, considering looking into virtualenv, Docker, or just using a screen in the background to run the bot)


Feel free to add whatever changes in a pull request. Feature requests should be added under Issues. All changes will be discussed before they are committed to the main branch.

Reference Material

Here are some resources to get you started:

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