Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

This page will list all frequently asked questions by the players of Cockatrice with appropriate answers

How to register an account?

First, make sure you're using a recently downloaded version of the client.
If you're on Windows, click on the Cockatrice menu and then Register to server...
If you're on Mac OS X, click on Actions and then on Register to server...

When the dialogue appears, fill out the desired server information.
You'll most likely find them on the server's website or in our list of public servers!

Some servers require the activation/authentication of accounts. They'll send you an email with an activation token that you have to enter during registration.
Make sure to also check your spam folder for that mail!

How to reset my account password?

First, make sure you're using a recently downloaded version of the client.
If you're on Windows, click on the Cockatrice menu and then Connect...
If you're on Mac OS X, click on Actions and then on Connect...

When the dialogue appears, click Forgot Password at the bottom.
Double check that the popping up data are the ones you want to reset at that particular server.
You have to enter the email address associated with your account to verify yourself, you'll then get send a fresh activation token to your account email address.
Make sure to also check your spam folder for that mail!

How do I draft on Cockatrice?

Same applies to other limited formats like Sealed, Chaos Draft or Cubes!

Currently, drafting is not supported in client, but there is as a web-based application.

The huge advantage with dr4ft over other sites (like or for example) is that you can see your opponents deck hash and double check it in Cockatrice as well to make sure he's using the same deck that he actually drafted/build and isn't cheating!

Here's a guide for

  1. Go to
    (This draft site is most commonly used - there might be others with different UI controls!)

  2. Once in a draft, double click on a card to add it to your main board
    (single clicking it will mark it for autopick when the timer ends)

  3. You can move cards around to the sideboard from the main board by clicking on them and vice-versa.
    Moving cards to "junk" is done by shift-clicking cards .

  4. Once your draft is complete, type a deck name in the deckname field

  5. a) Press "Make copyable text" b) Copy the text (Ctrl+C) c) In Cockatrice's Deck tab, Load deck from clipboard under Deck Editor (Ctrl+V) Alternatively a) Choose cod from the file type drop down menu
    b) Click download and save the file

  6. Go into Cockatrice, and when you're prompted to select your deck, select this file

How do I update Cockatrice application?

There is an build-in client updater which checks for software updates.
Just click on Help → Check for Client Updates to run it.

Check this wiki page for details and help on the process.

Keep in mind, that this doesn't update your card database, you need to run Oracle additionally for that!

We recommend doing so after each update of Cockatrice in case the database structure changed for example. This could cause several problems, like certain features couldn't be available or Cockatrice couldn't read all card information correctly.

How do I update my card database to have the latest cards?

You update your card database by running the Oracle application:

  • Windows & Linux:
    Inside Cockatrice, click on Cockatrice → Check for Card Updates... and "Oracle" will open.

  • macOS:
    Inside Cockatrice, click on Actions → Check for Card Updates... and "Oracle" will open.

During spoilers season, you may want to use another tool to generate an additional card database with unreleased cards. Check out the custom cards wiki page for more information.

How do I update my tokens to have the latest ones?

  • update automatically

    • Newer versions of Cockatrice support token data fetching within Oracle.
      Just start Oracle manually or run it out of Cockatrice (Check here how to do so)
      Oracle will fetch new or changed card & token data and automatically includes them into your cards.xml and tokens.xml databases.
  • update manually

    • Download the token XML file (tokens.xml) manually from this GitHub page. (direct link to the file)
      This file will be updated whenever new sets or products are released.
    • Move the tokens.xml file to the location specified in Settings → Paths / Token Database, or change the path in the Token Database field to where you store the file.

I can't see a game another player made

  1. In the main chat room, click on "Filter games"

  2. In the popup menu, click "Show unavailable games" and "Show password protected games"

  3. Click OK

  4. If you still can't see your friend's game, please contact an in-client moderator (they have a black & white user icon, and are at the top of the user list).

I'm not sure what just happened and need a judge

The recommended way to ask for a judge ruling is through the Judge channel

  1. Go to

  2. Pick a username (You may use the default assigned randomly to you)

  3. Ask your question in the chat and wait for a response from a RA or Judge

  • In addition, you may also ask in the Cockatrice main chat as we have a number of players who are certified Rules Advisors or Judges.

Are there shortcuts for Cockatrice?

Yes! Check out the shortcuts wiki page to learn how to customize them.

How do I add custom art for a single card?

Check out this page for more assistance!

Where are replay files saved?

(This just applies to downloaded replays from the server for sure!)

  • Windows: Users/appdata/local/Cocaktrice/Cockatrice/replays
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Cockatrice/Cockatrice/replays

I want to play other game variants - am I covered?

We can't tell for sure, but the app itself is designed to support many different games and game variants!
Check this list to find a (incomplete) list of games and card databases created by the community.

For MtG we know about these:

What do the different pawn combinations mean?

For the default options based on the main repository, check this page for more information.

How does Cockatrice perform a shuffle? Is shuffling broken?

See a simple and quick answer or a more technical one.

How can I organize a tournament with Cockatrice?

Check out the free online service Challonge to have a transparent and easy to use way for planning and organizing your tournament.
Users can signup in advance and you can choose from different tournament types and many other settings to help you with presenting rules or communicating with the participants.

Make sure to announce your tournament in our reddit or in the server chat to let all community know!

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