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Context Mapper

DSL Examples License

This project contains example DDD Context Maps written in the ContextMapper DSL. Find out more about the DSL project on our website and in the project report published by HSR.

IDE Requirements

This is a gradle project and can easily be imported into Eclipse by using the "Existing Gradle Project" importer.

ContextMapper Eclipse Plugin

In order to have language support for editing the CML files (Context Mapper Language), you need to install the ContextMapper Eclipse Plugin. Use the following Eclipse Update Site to install it:

The examples:

The following graphical illustrations of the Context Maps are inspired by Vernon and Brandolini.

Insurance Example

In the folder src/main/resources/insurance-example you find example context maps for a fictitious insurance company, inspired by Lakeside Mutual.

Context Map

The insurance example contains an example for a classic DDD context map written in the ContextMapper DSL (CML).

Insurance Company Example Context Map

Team Map

It further contains a team map, illustrating the teams and their relationships. Additionally, CML allows to define which bounded contexts are implemented by which teams.

Insurance Company Example Context Map

DDD Sample

The folder src/main/resources/ddd-sample contains a context map based on the DDD sample from Eric Evans DDD book.

To make the sample interesting for our context mapping language, we splitted the Cargo application into three bounded contexts.

Insurance Company Example Context Map


Contribution is always welcome! Here are some ways how you can contribute:


ContextMapper is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.