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Welcome to CristescuLab Tutorials

This Tutorials are part of the outreach of the CristescuLab (especially by the bioinformatician, Dr. Jose Sergio Hleap), mainly to the LEAP members, but open to the QCBS members.

Bioinformatics Tutorials

As part of the Food from Thought Agricultural Systems for a Healthy Planet, Dr. Jose Sergio Hleap is extending the outreach of the CristescuLab in terms of bioinformatics, to introduce trainees to bionformatic concepts. It has been running from July 2018, with tutorials running bi-weekly. As fall 2018, the first and third Wednesday of each month are reserved for 1-2 hours of tutorial. The first wednesday is dedicated to beginners, those trainees with none or basic bioinformatics knowledge, to introduce them to basic concepts and praxis of bioinformatics.

Basic BASH

This very basic tutorial is to introcuce a complete novice in the use of bash. The idea is that the person will be able to move around the Compute canada Clusters and be more or less comfortable with it. It is by no means comprehensive nor is going to make you a bash ninja, but it will allow you to deal with clusters, and some minor manipulations.

Command Line Blast

We discussed basic usage of the blast+ tools (available in graham and cedar HPCs or at the NCBI FTP).

NGS Quality Control

This tutorial is intended to understand basic NGS statistics (mainly obtained with FastQC), and some of the steps required to fix or ameliorate some of the issues. Most of the information of this tutorial have been partially taken from the FastQC documentation.

Introduction to MEGAN methods

This tutorial (more like a conversation and notes), will try to introduce to some aspects of the Software MEGAN. The tutorial assumes that you are more or less familiar with metagenomics pipelines, and will focus more on how MEGAN does things.


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