A fully implemented kernel exploit for the PS4 on 4.05FW
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PS4 4.05 Kernel Exploit


In this project you will find a full implementation of the "namedobj" kernel exploit for the PlayStation 4 on 4.05. It will allow you to run arbitrary code as kernel, to allow jailbreaking and kernel-level modifications to the system. This release however, does not contain any code related to defeating anti-piracy mechanisms or running homebrew. This exploit does include a loader that listens for payloads on port 9020 and will execute them upon receival.

You can find fail0verflow's original write-up on the bug here, you can find my technical write-up which dives more into implementation specifics here.

Patches Included

The following patches are made by default in the kernel ROP chain:

  1. Disable kernel write protection
  2. Allow RWX (read-write-execute) memory mapping
  3. Dynamic Resolving (sys_dynlib_dlsym) allowed from any process
  4. Custom system call #11 (kexec()) to execute arbitrary code in kernel mode
  5. Allow unprivileged users to call setuid(0) successfully. Works as a status check, doubles as a privilege escalation.


  • This exploit is actually incredibly stable at around 95% in my tests. WebKit very rarely crashes and the same is true with kernel.
  • I've built in a patch so the kernel exploit will only run once on the system. You can still make additional patches via payloads.
  • A custom syscall is added (#11) to execute any RWX memory in kernel mode, this can be used to execute payloads that want to do fun things like jailbreaking and patching the kernel.
  • An SDK is not provided in this release, however a barebones one to get started with may be released at a later date.
  • I've released a sample payload here that will make the necessary patches to access the debug menu of the system via settings, jailbreaks, and escapes the sandbox.


I was not alone in this exploit's development, and would like to thank those who helped me along the way below.