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recovery: Headless mode

Change-Id: I6b54bde65264aee99cb51a19436e82054b31fe74
latest commit 15800700b4
tdmcyngn tdmcyngn authored
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applypatch sr: Remove hardcoded paths
edify clean up some warnings when building recovery
etc init: Run setup_adbd in recovery's context
fonts more font improvements and cleanup
minadbd sr: Remove hardcoded paths
minui Revert "minui: graphics_fbdev: Fix BGRA panels regardless of depth"
minzip Force sync files written by minzip.
mtdutils mtdutils: Fix mounting partitions by-name
res-hdpi/images recovery: Headless mode
res-mdpi/images recovery: Headless mode
res-xhdpi/images recovery: Headless mode
res-xxhdpi/images recovery: Headless mode
res-xxxhdpi/images recovery: Headless mode
testdata Add support for ECDSA signatures
tests Add support for ECDSA signatures
tools Recovery 64-bit compile issues
uncrypt create block map for all update packages on /data
updater recovery: autodetect filesystem type
voldclient libvoldclient: Do not use the kernel headers recovery: autodetect filesystem type Add clean step for voldclient after recent changes
NOTICE Automated import from //branches/donutburger/...@140818,140818
adb_install.cpp recovery: Provide caching for sideload files
adb_install.h recovery: Fix sideload cancel
asn1_decoder.cpp Add support for ECDSA signatures
asn1_decoder.h Add support for ECDSA signatures
backup.cpp recovery: Use ro.product.device instead of
bootloader.cpp Allow custom bootloader msg offset in block misc
bootloader.h add the functions for multi-stage packages to updater
bu.cpp recovery: Fix adb backup/restore
bu.h recovery: Fix adb backup/restore
common.h recovery: Revenge of MiniVold
default_device.cpp sr: Touch UI
device.h sr: Touch UI
fuse_sdcard_provider.c recovery: Fix sideload cancel
fuse_sdcard_provider.h do sdcard sideloading through the fuse filesystem
fuse_sideload.c recovery: fix another misspelling of "file_blocks" as "block_size"
fuse_sideload.h recovery: Fix sideload cancel
install.cpp recovery: Gracefully terminate sideload
install.h sr: Add performance control update tools for making recovery images
messagesocket.cpp sr: Initial dialog implementation
messagesocket.h sr: Initial dialog implementation
recovery.cpp recovery: Headless mode
recovery_cmds.h sr: Add some additional tools
restore.cpp recovery: Use ro.product.device instead of
roots.cpp recovery: autodetect filesystem type
roots.h recovery: Fix install from local storage
screen_ui.cpp recovery: Headless mode
screen_ui.h recovery: Headless mode
ui.cpp recovery: Do not "return TOGGLE" when home key is pressed
ui.h recovery: Headless mode
verifier.cpp am 4b6de1b: am 026ebe0: Merge "Recovery 64-bit compile issues"
verifier.h do verification and extraction on memory, not files
verifier_test.cpp recovery: Headless mode Add support for ECDSA signatures
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