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Bash Script to generate static web galleries. No server-side programs (i.e. PHP, MySQL) required.

ShellCheck Ubuntu 20.04 LTS macOS 11 GitHub

Overview is simple bash shell script which generates static html thumbnail (image, photo) galleries using the convert and jhead command-line utilities. It requires no special server-side script to run to view image galleries because everything is pre-rendered.

It offers several features:

  • Responsive layout
  • Thumbnails which fill the browser efficiently
  • Download the original image file
  • Nice and simple Bootstrap CSS layout
  • Locally previewable galleries by accessing images locally (e.g. file:///home/nils/pics/gallery/index.html)
  • JPEG header EXIF data extraction
  • Auto-rotation of vertical images

This combination of features makes a better user experience than pretty much all the big online photo hosts. All you need is a place to host your plain html and jpeg files. This can also be Amazon S3.


Download Bash script

curl -O ""


On a debian-based system (Ubuntu), just run:

sudo apt install imagemagick jhead

Under macOS you can install it with...


sudo port install imagemagick jhead


brew install imagemagick jhead

Usage [-t <title>] [-d <thumbdir>] [-h]:
	[-t <title>]     sets the title (default: Gallery)
	[-d <thumbdir>]  sets the thumbdir (default: __thumbs)
	[-h]             displays help (this message)

Example: or -t "My Photos" -d "thumbs" works in the current directory. Just load the index.html in a browser see the output.

The directory should contain a bunch of JPEG (.jpg or .JPG) files. It does not work recursively. ZIP files (.zip or .ZIP) and movies (.mov, .MOV, .mp4 or .MP4) are also considered. They appear as a download button in the gallery.


Create a Bash alias for

Open the ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_aliases in your text editor:

nano ~/.bash_aliases

Add your alias:

alias gallery='/home/nils/gallery_shell/'


This demo page is generated with GitHub Action:


Screenshot: Gallery

Screenshot: Image


GNU Public License version 3. Please feel free to fork and modify this on GitHub (