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* add config unit test and have bad filters log errors

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Datadog Agent

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The present repository contains the source code of the Datadog Agent version 6. Please refer to the Agent user documentation for information about differences between Agent 5 and Agent 6. Additionally, we provide a list of prepackaged binaries for an easy install process here

Note: the source code of Datadog Agent 5 is located in the dd-agent repository.


The general documentation of the project, including instructions for installation and development, is located under the docs directory of the present repo.

Getting started

To build the Agent you need:

  • Go 1.11.5 or later. You'll also need to set your $GOPATH and have $GOPATH/bin in your path.
  • Python 2.7 or 3.x along with development libraries.
  • Python dependencies. You may install these with pip install -r requirements.txt This will also pull in Invoke if not yet installed.
  • CMake version 3.12 or later

Note: you may want to use a python virtual environment to avoid polluting your system-wide python environment with the agent build/dev dependencies. You can create a virtual environment using virtualenv and then use the invoke parameter --python-home-2=<venv_path> and/or --python-home-3=<venv_path> (depending on the python versions you are using) to use the virtual environment's interpreter and libraries. By default, this environment is only used for dev dependencies listed in requirements.txt.

Note: You may have previously installed invoke via brew on MacOS, or pip in any other platform. We recommend you use the version pinned in the requirements file for a smooth development/build experience.

Builds and tests are orchestrated with invoke, type invoke --list on a shell to see the available tasks.

To start working on the Agent, you can build the master branch:

  1. Checkout the repo: git clone $GOPATH/src/
  2. cd into the project folder: cd $GOPATH/src/
  3. Install project's dependencies: invoke deps. Make sure that $GOPATH/bin is in your $PATH otherwise this step might fail.
  4. Build the rtloader dependency with invoke && invoke rtloader.install. You will need CMake installed and a C++ compiler for this to work. rtloader is in charge of loading and running Python. By default rtloader will be built for Python2, but you can choose which versions of Python you want to support:
    • invoke -p 2 for Python2 only
    • invoke -p 3 for Python3 only
    • invoke -p 2,3 for both Python2 and Python3
  5. Build the agent with invoke --build-exclude=systemd. You can specify a custom Python location for the agent (useful when using virtualenvs): invoke --python-home-2=$GOPATH/src/ --python-home-3=$GOPATH/src/

Please refer to the Agent Developer Guide for more details.


To start the agent type agent run from the bin/agent folder, it will take care of adjusting paths and run the binary in foreground.

You need to provide a valid API key. You can either use the config file or overwrite it with the environment variable like:

DD_API_KEY=12345678990 ./bin/agent/agent run -c bin/agent/dist/datadog.yaml

Contributing code

You'll find information and help on how to contribute code to this project under the docs/dev directory of the present repo.

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