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A web application to manage and detect security flaws on devices on a network.
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Lost In Network

A web application to manage and detect security flaws on devices on a network. Installation

First of all, download the archive or clone the repository. You will have nearly everything to work out of the box as soon as this is done.

Required Python version : Python 3.x
For now this version only supports Python 3.x. This may change later.

Python3.4 can be really messy to install on disitributions like Ubuntu or Debian. I'll create a guide or an automatic installation script later.

If you don't have the virtualenv software on your computer you might want to install it.

Create the virtualenv and install the dependencies as follow :

cd path/where/you/cloned/the/repo
virtualenv --no-site-packages venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

There are some things to note here. First of all you may check what Python version the virtualenv software will install. It must be a 3.x version. If it's not, please install Python 3.x (the latest stable version will do) and make sure the python version installed in the virtualenv fits. The command may be called virtualenv-3.x. Another thing is that maybe you don't have pip installed in your virtualenv. To fix that easy_install pip.

All the following commands and things described in this README needs to be done or executed with the activated virtualenv. Otherwise it may not work at all or won't have the expected behaviour.

You need the file. There is one in the repo that is encrypted. You have to decrypt it with the appropriate passphrase.

python init

This command will create all the necessary folders and files in the application folder (where is) and ask you to create the main user by typing in the username and the password.

You can then run your test server as follow :

python runserver


For a production run and environment you will have to set DEBUG=False in your settings file. A gunicorn configuration is provided for this use. DO NOT use runserver in a production environment.

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