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Distributed Proofreaders

Preserving history, one page at a time.

This repository contains the code that powers and other sister DP sites world-wide.


Distributed Proofreaders is a web application (written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database) that is intended to ease the process of converting public domain books and other printed materials into e-texts. The main site is at

By breaking the work into individual pages, many proofreaders can be working on the same book at the same time. This significantly speeds up the proofreading/E-Text creation process.

When a proofer elects to proofread a page for a particular project, the text and image file are displayed on a single webpage. This allows the text file to be easily reviewed and compared to the image file, thus assisting the proofreading of the text file. The edited text is then submitted back to the site via the same webpage that it was edited on.

Once all pages for a particular book have been processed, a concatenated text file is made available for final clean-up and submitted to a Project Gutenberg site.


See the installation guide for information on system pre-requisites, installation instructions, and upgrading from an earlier release of the code. Additional documentation is available in the SETUP directory.

If you need assistance with the code, inquire within the DP Site Code forum at

Code development

To get involved with development on this code base, see DP Code Development in the wiki.

See also our coding standards.


All source code published here is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.