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DragonFly Ports, a.k.a. "DPorts"

DragonFly Ports is a derivative of FreeBSD's Ports Collection.  It serves
the same purpose for DragonFly as the Ports Collection does for FreeBSD,
which is to provide instructions on how to build software on DragonFly BSD.
The products of DPorts are executable software which are manipulated by
Baptiste Daroussin's pkg(8) binary package manager.

Building a DPort from source is not generally encouraged.  It is suggested
to use the official pre-built binaries instead.  However, in the case the
binaries have a undesirable option selection or a bug that is fixed in the
sources, then building the DPort from source is the only option.  Of
course, it is possible to build all desired DPorts from source.

This repository is actually generated.  Starting with the Ports Collection
as a basis, DragonFly-specific patches and/or files are applied as
necessary to create a modified port that builds on DragonFly.  If the
FreeBSD port is updated in a way that either causes the patches to no
longer apply, or just outright fails to build on DragonFly, the update will
not be carried forward.  The last working DPort will remain in place until
a manual fix is provided that allows the FreeBSD update to work on
DragonFly as well.

Poudriere, from ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel, is used to confirm good builds.
If a build is successful, a hook will update the patches
repository to indicate a good build, and then another script will generate
the DPort, place it here, and commit the change.  Theoretically, every
single DPort should build on DragonFly.  In practice, ports may build only
on the dev branch of DragonFly, so the older the release is, the more
DPorts that won't build (only the two 2 releases are checked).  Usually
less than 10 failures occur on "master".

Please report generic issues (those that affect FreeBSD and DragonFly) at:

Please report DragonFly-specific issues here:

If you are confident in a DragonFly-specific fix, please initiate a Github
Pull Request here:

Note that since DPorts is generated, Github Pull Requests against DPorts
can not be accepted.  Only the DeltaPorts overlay or the FreeBSD ports
base can be modified.

This project was conceived and implemented by John Marino.


The dedicated application build system for DragonFly BSD






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