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Elephant Bot

FOSSA Status


This is a simple Discord.js bot i made because my girlfriend likes elephants and I wanted to learn some node.

This querries a simple google custom search engine through the google API.

The google search returns 10 results per query, and has a limit of 100 queries per day for free use.

A multi teird caching aproach is in development to reduce the number of queries. As well as to provide some level of backup if the querrey limit is reached.

Currently the 10 returned results are cached and a new request is made only when the cache is empty.

Current Status

Search routines - Done

Cacheing of spare results - Done

Basic Discord Integration (fixed Search term) - Done

Allow any possible search term from users - WIP

Tracking of used queries - WIP

Queue filling of most common terms to use spare queries - WIP


Larger cacheing system to account for running out of queries, while limiting repeat results.

pull resuts of common daily searches to fill out request totals in a day.

Remove or track the random page selection to reduce the chance of repeat results.