The red-black tree benchmark
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The Red-Black Tree Memory Benchmark

The red-black tree memory benchmark is a very simple mini-benchmark for benchmarking memory in functional programming languages. It performs four simple tasks:

  • creates an Okasaki-style immutable red-black tree;
  • add one million positive integers (integers 1 to 1,000,000 by default) to the red-black tree;
  • computes the height of the tree;
  • in-order traverses the tree and prints the resulting list.

Currently, the RBT benchmark has been implemented in Scala, Standard ML, OCaml and Haskell, benchmarking the JVM, MLton, OCaml and GHC runtime systems respectively. I think a Rust implementation


For Haskell, use stack or cabal. For other languages, simply type make. The build dependencies are:

  • scalac for Scala;
  • MLton for SML [the code compiles under SML/NJ, but the performance would not be competitive];
  • OCaml (from INRIA) and Core (from Jane Street), including ocamlbuild, for OCaml.


All code is placed in the public domain.


  • Chris Okasaki. 1999. Purely Functional Data Structures. Cambridge University Press, New York, NY, USA.