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Etar Calendar

Etar Calendar

Etar (from Arabic: إِيتَار) is an open source material designed calendar made for everyone!

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Etar Calendar


Well, I wanted a simple, material designed and state of the art open source calendar that anyone can make better.

Special thanks

The application is an enhanced version of AOSP Calendar. Without the help of Free Software for Android team, this app would be just a dream. So thanks to them!


  • Month view.
  • Week, day & agenda view.
  • Uses Android calendar sync. Works with Google Calendar, Exchange, etc.
  • Material designed.
  • Support offline calendar.
  • Agenda widget.
  • Multilingual UI.

How to use Etar

Store your calendar on the phone only:

  • Create an offline calendar.

Sync your calendar to a server:

  • A cloud-synched calendar could be a google calendar, but you can also use any other public Caldav-server or even host your own (which would be the only way to keep full control over your data and still have ONE calendar usable from different devices.) To sync such a calendar to some server you need yet another app, e. g. DAVx5. That’s necessary because a Caldav client isn't included in Etar.

Technical explanation

On Android there are "Calendar providers". These can be calendars that are synchronized with a cloud service or local calendars. Basically any app could provide a calendar. Those "provided" calendars can be used by Etar. You can even configure in Etar which ones are to be shown and when adding an event to which calendar it should be added.

Important permissions Etar requires

    ->import and export ics calendar files
  • READ_CONTACTS(optional)
    Is queried the first time an appointment is created and can be rejected. But then search and location suggestions no longer work. ->allows search and location suggestions when adding guests to an event
    ->read and create calendar events

Known issues with the ICS import feature

Etar can import ICS files, for instance, received in invitation emails. The import feature is unstable and has a list of known bugs. Refer to #653 as a reference to those bugs. Use it with caution, especially, if your calendar provider automatically sends out invitation emails.



Interested in helping to translate Etar? Contribute here:

Google Play app description:

You can update/add your own language and all artwork files here

Build instructions

Install and extract Android SDK command line tools.

tools/bin/sdkmanager platform-tools
export ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/android-sdk/
git submodule update --init
gradle :app:assembleDebug


Copyright (c) 2005-2013, The Android Open Source Project

Copyright (c) 2013, Dominik Schürmann

Copyright (c) 2015-, The Etar Project

Licensed under the GPLv3: Except where otherwise noted.

Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.