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Jackson Release 2.11.1

Tatu Saloranta edited this page Jun 25, 2020 · 20 revisions
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Patch version of 2.11, released 25th June 2020.

Following fixes are included.

Changes, core



  • #2486: Builder Deserialization with JsonCreator Value vs Array
  • #2725: JsonCreator on static method in Enum and Enum used as key in map fails randomly
  • #2755: StdSubtypeResolver is not thread safe (possibly due to copy not being made with ObjectMapper.copy())
  • #2757: "Conflicting setter definitions for property" exception for Map subtype during deserialization
  • #2758: Fail to deserialize local Records
  • #2759: Rearranging of props when property-based generator is in use leads to incorrect output
  • #2767: DeserializationFeature.UNWRAP_SINGLE_VALUE_ARRAYS don't support Map type field
  • #2770: JsonParser from MismatchedInputException cannot getText() for floating-point value

Changes, data formats


  • #86: Can not deserialize unwrapped list when @JacksonXmlProperty localName matches @JacksonXmlRootElement localName
  • #294: XML parser error with nested same element names
  • #301: Problem deserializing POJO with unwrapped List, ignorable attribute value
  • #389: Exception when serializing with type via mapper.writerFor(type).write(...)
  • #393: MismatchedInputException for nested repeating element name in List
  • #399: Can not deserialize unwrapped list when @JacksonXmlProperty localName matches the parent's localName
  • #404: Make @JacksonXmlElementWrapper indicate XML property


  • #51: YAMLParser._locationFor() does not use index available from Mark
  • #201: Improve MINIMIZE_QUOTES handling to avoid quoting for some uses of # and :

Changes, other modules


  • #97: (partial fix) Afterburner breaks serialization of ObjectMapper

Changes, other


  • #72: Duplicate classes from com.fasterxml.jackson.jr.ob and com.fasterxml.jackson.jr.type in 2.11.0