Jackson Release 2.8.10

Tatu Saloranta edited this page Aug 24, 2017 · 9 revisions

Patch version of 2.8, released on 24-Aug-2017.

Following fixes are included.

Changes, core



  • #1657: StdDateFormat deserializes dates with no tz/offset as UTC instead of configured timezone
  • #1658: Infinite recursion when deserializing a class extending a Map, with a recursive value type
  • #1679: StackOverflowError in Dynamic StdKeySerializer
  • #1711: Delegating creator fails to work for binary data (byte[]) with binary formats (CBOR, Smile)
  • #1735: Missing type checks when using polymorphic type ids
  • #1737: Block more JDK types from polymorphic deserialization

Changes, dataformats

  • #94: Should _ensureRoom in ProtobufGenerator.writeString()

Changes, datatypes


  • #19: Multimap serializer produces wrong Schema structure

Changes, Java 8 support

  • #33: Jdk8Serializer.findReferenceSerializer() leads to StackOverflowError in 2.8.9

Changes, other

Jackson jr

  • #53: java.io.File is not a valid source for anyFrom()/mapFrom()
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