Jackson Release 2.9.2

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Patch version of 2.9, released on 14-Oct-2017.

Following fixes are included.


Despite attempts to avoid regressions, there is an open issue for potential regression since 2.9.1:

  • Java 8 module / #67 -- it looks like there are issues with combination of PropertyNamingStrategy, Creator properties, and Java 8 constructor names

Changes, core



  • #1705: Non-generic interface method hides type resolution info from generic base class
    • NOTE: was assumed to be fixed in 2.9.1, but due to a mistake wasn't.
  • #1767: Allow DeserializationProblemHandler to respond to primitive types
  • #1768: Improve TypeFactory.constructFromCanonical() to work with java.lang.reflect.Type.getTypeName() format
  • #1771: Pass missing argument for string formatting in ObjectMapper
  • #1788: StdDateFormat._parseAsISO8601() does not parse "fractional" timezone correctly
  • #1793: java.lang.NullPointerException in ObjectArraySerializer.acceptJsonFormatVisitor() for array value with @JsonValue

Changes, dataformats

Binary formats

  • #102: (avro) Incorrect deserialization of long with new AvroFactory

Changes, other modules


  • #30: (afterburner) IncompatibleClassChangeError deserializing interface methods with default impl
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