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Jackson Release 2.9.9

Tatu Saloranta edited this page May 17, 2019 · 33 revisions

Patch version of 2.9, released on May 16th 2019. Possibly the last full 2.9.x release.

Following fixes are included.

Changes, core


  • #516: _inputPtr off-by-one in UTF8StreamJsonParser._parseNumber2()
  • #531: Non-blocking parser reports incorrect locations when fed with non-zero offset


  • #1408: Call to TypeVariable.getBounds() without synchronization unsafe on some platforms
  • #2221: DeserializationProblemHandler.handleUnknownTypeId() returning Void.class, enableDefaultTyping causing NPE
  • #2251: Getter that returns an abstract collection breaks a delegating @JsonCreator
  • #2265: Inconsistent handling of Collections$UnmodifiableList vs Collections$UnmodifiableRandomAccessList
  • #2299: Fix for using jackson-databind in an OSGi environment under Android
  • #2303: Deserialize null, when java type is "TypeRef of TypeRef of T", does not provide "Type(Type(null))"
  • #2324: StringCollectionDeserializer fails with custom collection
  • #2326: Block one more gadget type (CVE-2019-12086)

Changes, data formats


  • #155: (multiple) Inconsistent support for StreamWriteFeature.FLUSH_PASSED_TO_STREAM
  • #159: (cbor) Use of longer-than-optimal encoding for String lengths


  • #122: readValues(null) causes infinite loop
  • #124: Add CsvGenerator.Feature.ESCAPE_CONTROL_CHARS_WITH_ESCAPE_CHAR for escaping non-printable characters in CSV output/input


  • #333: OutputDecorator not called with XmlMapper


  • #63: null Object Id serialized as anchor for YAML
  • #68: When field names are reserved words, they should be written out with quotes
  • #90: Exception when decoding Jackson-encoded Base64 binary value in YAML
  • #123: YAML Anchor, reference fails with simple example

Changes, datatypes


  • #45: HostAndPortDeserializer rely on older version property name


  • #15: Misleading exception when trying to deserialize JSON String as org.json.JSONArray value

Changes, other modules


  • #49: Afterburner MyClassLoader#loadAndResolve() is not idempotent when tryToUseParent is true
  • #69: ALLOW_COERCION_OF_SCALARS ignored deserializing scalars with Afterburner

Mr Bean

  • #74: MrBean module should not materialize

Changes, jackson-jr

  • Fix an issue with Maps-of-Lists, Lists-of-Maps
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