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Smile Data Format

"Smile" is a binary data format that defines a binary equivalent of standard JSON data format.

Format was specified in 2010 by Jackson JSON processor development team. First compliant implementation was included as a Jackson backend for Jackson version 1.6, released in September 2010.


Design documentation includes:




Smile Codecs

  • Clojure
    • Cheshire library offers support via Jackson jackson-dataformat-smile
  • C
    • libsmile is a small C-library for reading and writing Smile data.
  • Go
    • go-smile Smile decoder written in Golang.
  • Java
    • Jackson provides Smile support through jackson-dataformat-smile modules) format codec
      • Full support: including streaming access, data binding and tree model (100% parity with textual JSON)
      • Jackson 2.9 added "non-blocking" ((aka "asynchronous") decoding for JSON and Smile format backends
    • Protostuff project supports Smile both as a low-level data format, and as format used for its RPC implementation
  • Javascript
    • smile-js Smile decoder written in Javascript (only decodes (reads), does not encode (write))
  • Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Python
    • NewSmile Another Smile Format Decoder/Encoder for Python 3
    • PySmile Python codec
  • Rust
    • serde-smile Serde serializer and deserializer written in Rust.

Frameworks, Systems that use Smile codec (encoder and decoder)

  • Elastic Search uses Smile as transport format supports access using Smile encoding.
  • Apache Solr can use Smile as the response format with the wt=smile parameter.

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