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What's new in PKSM 4.3.0:

  • Added: Multilanguage support (thanks @Naxann!). PKSM has been translated in most of the major languages supported by the console, such as Italian, French, Spanish, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese! Obviously, this couldn't happen without our foreigners contributors, which helped to translate in all the languages we devs don't speak.
    • Korean and Traditional Chinese translations are still missing, and Russian ones are messy, because they have not been trimmed to fit in the graphics. If you know how to help us, feel free to make a Pull Request!
    • Fonts are now optimized: we managed to bundle all the characters in a single place and save space, too: old builds were about 6MB in size, this is less than 4MB instead, saving space and memory while opened.
    • Font scripts are available in the source code!
    • All the bugs related to pokemon names, items and so on have been fixed, too. Now everything is properly rendered on screen.
    • You will notice some initial delay when opening your boxes with the Japanese language on: this is due to the font caching and everything will be smooth in a second or too.
    • Your language will be determined automatically on the first launch, but you can change it from the settings. It will be remembered the next time you open PKSM.
    • Items and moves in the editor list are now sorted in every language you will choose.
  • Added: new Save Info Editor proof-of-concept! It has been thought to be similar to the hex editor you can already use during pokemon editing.
    • It doesn't do much for now (I had not so time to work on it), but there will be tons of advantages in the future, such as bag item editing and similar!
    • Since it works with the single bytes and it can be customized in the code, the save editor will work with all the games supported from PKSM as for now. Some examples? You could now edit your TID and SID on gen4 games to abuse of the Cute Charm glitch without needing your PC (for both editing or RNG) to do it.
    • Pull requests are highly appreciated!
  • Added: Tons of changes and additions in the GUI! There's a pretty new main menu now, for both 3DS titles and DS titles. Other graphics changes will be explained in detail later.
  • Added: New wondercard details screen. Now those are taken from the wondercard file directly, making the external txt description files unuseful.
    • You can now see the wondercard title, OT, held item, met date, level and moves for every wondercard available in the built-in database. The game version related to each wondercard is still WIP.
    • For this reason, graphics for the wondercard injector are heavily changed.
    • From now, you can see details for multiple wondercard events. You will notice a tip in the bottom screen if an event has multiple wondercards in it, and you can see details for each of them pressing L/R.
  • Added: Rosalina-based Homebrew Launchers are now supported. You can find a rosalina compatible .3dsx build into the release zip attached at the bottom.
  • Added: Extra Storage dump. You can now dump the whole extra storage content into your SD card, at /3ds/data/PKSM/dump/storagedump_[DATE]. Every pokemon will be saved in a separate .pk7 file.
  • Added: PokéDex function. You can now see what you have caught or seen. This is available for every gen6+ game, and it's accessible from the extra storage screen.
  • Added: new banner audio (thanks @Tails32!)
  • Fixed: Current Handler and Held Trainer Friendship are now set to 0 while using the generation function.
  • Fixed: navigation is now possible with both pads (directional and circle), in case someone have one of the pads broken or malfunctional.
  • Fixed: Magearna and Marshadow now shows in the generation screen.
  • Fixed: Encryption Constant when generating a pokemon is now random. Spinda spots are now random, too.
  • Fixed: Pokedex Flags bug introduced in version 4.2.3 has been fixed. Now, pokedex flags are saved automatically when you do transfers from storage to box and box to box.
  • Removed: Mass Injector. While this has been removed (so as the various collections), the file from where the generated pokemons are taken is still accessible from PKSM.

Added: tons of gen7 wondercard added:

  • 0221 - JPN Egg Shiny Chance
  • 0222 - JPN Bewear
  • 0223 - Ash-hat Pikachu
  • 0233 - HK Shiny Tapu Koko
  • 0234 - Anime Steenee
  • 0235 - Anime Turtonator
  • 0236 - Anime Vulpix
  • 0599 - Bottle Cap
  • 1105 - Shiny Tapu Koko
  • 1107 - Alolan Vulpix
  • 1108 - Alolan Sandshrew
  • 1109 - Alolan Diglett
  • 1110 - Alolan Grimer
  • 1111 - KOR Egg Shiny Chance
  • 1112 - WCSK17 Mew
  • 1608 - Pidgeot-Steelixite
  • 1609 - Mawilite
  • 1610 - SM Rare Candy
  • 1611 - SM 4 Mega Stones
  • 1612 - SM PGL Prize
  • 1613 - SM PGL Prize
  • 1614 - SM PGL Prize
  • 1615 - SM PGL Prize

Added: gen6 wondercards added:

  • 0183 - Singa Volcanion

Added: DS wondercards added (the IDs are not the real ones, due to implementation):

  • 025 - Milos Island Tornadus
  • 026 - Kalita's Hydreigon
  • 027 - Spring 2012 Zekrom
  • 090 - Azure Flute (unofficial)

If that's not enough... Let's talk about PKSV 2.0.0:

  • PKSV is now built directly from PKSM source code, using an ad-hoc Makefile.
  • This means that PKSV gets all the graphic changes introduced in PKSM 4.3.0, such as multilanguage support.
  • Editing is unavailable as always (because of PKSV philosophy), though.
  • Even though editing is not there, you can still use the extra storage function with save functionalities enabled. This will make heavy breeders' life simple.

PKSV's separate repo will be closed, so you'll only be able to download it from the PKSM repo instead.

This update is really massive, and it counts about 200 commits made in a range of two months. Hopefully you will enjoy all the work and time that Naxann, dsoldier, all the translators and me dedicated to make this happen.

I would like to thank @Tobyheiam, @Tails32, @ShinyLuxray, @pass0418, @dsoldier, @Naxann and all the other countless people who helped in the translations!

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