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@BernardoGiordano BernardoGiordano released this Nov 20, 2017 · 1126 commits to master since this release

What's new?

  • Fixed: Form editing crash is now fixed.
  • Fixed: New forms moved into storage can now return back to your saves.
  • Fixed: Save corruption for HG/SS/PT after event injections has been fixed.
    • This was due to some offsets messed up during the latest refactoring.
  • Fixed: Marshadow is now visible/editable in the editor. It wasn't so in 5.0.0 due to a graphic bug.
  • Fixed: Moves/items list isn't cut anymore.
  • Fixed: Moves/items introduced in new generations can't be given to pkmns in older generations anymore.
  • Fixed: Dex flag setting is now fixed (thanks @kwsch).
  • Fixed: Bulk storage transfers now set pokedex flags correctly.
  • Fixed: Crash when accidentally going past byte 231 in the hex editor is now fixed.
  • Fixed: Opening the QR Code scanner is now more precise (thanks @AnalogMan151).
  • Fixed: Some localization strings are now translated.
  • Added: National Dex number is now visible in the extra storage info box.

I also noticed that the QR Code scanner is hard to use for some of you. Here are some tips:

  • Follow the guidelines precisely.
  • Keep firm hands, don't be shaky.
  • Keep the camera exactly perpendicular to the QR code. The QR code shouldn't appear as curved in the screen at all: this seems to be the cause to most of the fails.


If you appreciate my work, I appreciate a coffee :)

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