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Happy new year!

  • Added: Custom scripts intepretation and execution. I would like to state that this is not a language intepreter, but an interpreter of .pksm files, that have a certain syntax and can be created with an ad-hoc tool (more on this later). This new feature allows arbitrary data injection into the saves through scripts already available (see below) and/or scripts that you can make on your own.
    • Scripts are Powersaves-like, such as Set max money, Clear Mystery Gift data, Reset legendary encounters, Inject living dex and so on.
    • The only limit to the scripts is your imagination! Some fancy scripts have already been made, like Reset Delta Episode for ORAS, for example.
    • Scripts can run on every game supported from PKSM: from DPPT to USUM. This means this is the first time from PKSM's release that DS games have more than just even injection support. Currently, 17 different games have script execution support.
    • Scripts are located under /3ds/PKSM/scripts/<game>. You can add your own by placing them in the right folder.
  • Fixed: QR Code scanning has been strongly enhanced (thanks AstronautLevel)!
  • Fixed: Pokedex flags are now set properly during storage transfers and generation.
  • Fixed: The yellow button doesn't turn on the nickname flag anymore.
  • Added: You're now able to set a custom date for the wondercards to be injected. Date can be changed into the settings menu.
  • Added: Wondercard slot selection menu.
  • Added: MysteryGiftDump has been merged into PKSM. You're now able to dump your wondercard directly from PKSM.
  • Added: badsectors has been merged into PKSM. You're now able to fix eventual bad slots into your storage file directly from PKSM.
  • Added: Now storage previews nature and IVs too.
  • Fixed: Check for battle boxes for USUM too.
  • Fixed: Trainer data during transfers is now handled properly.
  • Fixed: Dump logic enhanced. You will now be able to dump just one pkmn from your storage or save, rather than the whole storage.
  • Fixed: Bug where you were able to tweak PKSM to trade gen7 pkmn to pre-gen7 games.
  • Fixed: Pkmn generation will now generate old generations legendaries with a clover.
  • Fixed: Bug where you could overflow abilities in the hex editor and crash the application.
  • Added: New batch of wondercard + old wondercards previously removed.
  • Fixed: GUI changes.
  • Added: Custom splash screen (thanks dsoldier and FrozenFire).
  • Removed: Russian localization has been removed because no one contributed to it from long time.
  • Removed: Pokedex viewer.
  • Enhanced: Further improvements to overall PKSM stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.


You can build your own scripts using PKSMScript.py, which requires Python3 to run.

You're allowed to inject raw data from files or just values with choice of offset, length and amount of repetition, and concatenate more little payloads together. You can find example scripts here.

The PKSM-Tools suite (that contains the scripts, too) has been updated as well, download it here.


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