SourceMeter plug-in for SONARQUBE™ platform
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redLeR1st and pille5 Improved testing tool. (#11)
-SonarScanner download
  -Unzip both server and scanner
  -Copy plugins from a folder specified in arguments
  -Start the downloaded SQ server
  -Test the running of sq server
  -Analyze the given project

Updated travis file for regression testing

Added: file for the common functions and globals
  -Arguments for:
    -Server vesrsion
    -Scanner version
    -Plugin's folder
    -Project's folder (to be analyzed)
    -Number of attempts to check the running of SQ server
    -Waiting time between checking the running of SQ server
    -Folder for downloading and unzipping SQ server and scanner
Latest commit 72e4675 Oct 2, 2018

FrontEndART SourceMeter plug-in for SONARQUBE™ platform

FrontEndART SourceMeter is a command line source code analyzer tool, which can perform deep static analysis of the source code of complex software systems written in C/C++, C#, Java, Python, and RPG. FrontEndART offers a free version of SourceMeter.

SourceMeter plug-in for SONARQUBE™ platform ("plug-in" in the following) is an extension of the open-source SONARQUBE™ platform ("platform" in the following) for managing code quality. The plug-in executes SourceMeter from the platform and uploads the source code analysis results of SourceMeter into the platform's database.

The plug-in is free and open-source, and provides all the usual platform code analysis results, extended with many additional metrics and issue detectors provided by the SourceMeter tool.

Additionally, the plug-in extends the platform's GUI with a SourceMeter dashboard view.

Highlights of the added features:

  • Precise C/C++, C#, Java, Python, and RPG source code analysis engines

  • Package, class and method level analyses extending the directory and file-based approach

  • More sophisticated syntax-based duplicated code detection engine (Type-2 clones)

  • Additional and more precise source code metrics (100+) including metrics related to clones

  • Powerful coding issue detection

  • Custom dashboard for packages, classes, methods and clone classes/instances

  • And many more...

The plug-in is compatible with the latest version 6.7[^1] of the platform, which can be obtained from its website.

Online demo.

Demo video.

SONARQUBE™ is a trademark of SonarSource SA, Switzerland.

January 30, 2018

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