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Git-Flow maven plugin, which runs Git and Maven commands from the command line.
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Git-Flow Maven Plugin


The Maven plugin for Vincent Driessen's successful Git branching model.

Currently a Java implementation of Git version control system JGit doesn't support .gitattributes.

This plugin runs Git and Maven commands from the command line ensuring that all Git features work properly.


See what's changed - CHANGELOG


The plugin is available from Maven central.

                <!-- optional configuration -->

Goals Overview

  • gitflow:release-start - Starts a release branch and updates version(s) to release version.
  • gitflow:release-finish - Merges a release branch and updates version(s) to next development version.
  • gitflow:release - Releases project w/o creating a release branch.
  • gitflow:feature-start - Starts a feature branch and optionally updates version(s).
  • gitflow:feature-finish - Merges a feature branch.
  • gitflow:hotfix-start - Starts a hotfix branch and updates version(s) to hotfix version.
  • gitflow:hotfix-finish - Merges a hotfix branch.
  • gitflow:help - Displays help information.

Eclipse Plugins build with Tycho

Since version 1.1.0 this plugin supports Eclipse plugin projects which are build with Tycho. To enable this feature put <tychoBuild>true</tychoBuild> into <configuration> section of this plugin in your pom.xml file.

Features of tychoBuild

The tycho-versions-plugin Maven plugin will be used to set versions instead of versions-maven-plugin.

Feature name will not be appended to project version on gitflow:feature-start goal even if the skipFeatureVersion is set to false.

If version has qualifier then it will not be removed in the release or hotfix goals.

Plugin Common Parameters

All parameters are optional. The gitFlowConfig parameters defaults are the same as in below example. Maven and Git executables are assumed to be in the PATH, if executables are not available in the PATH or you want to use different version use mvnExecutable and gitExecutable parameters. The installProject parameter controls whether the Maven install goal will be called during the mojo execution. The default value for this parameter is false (i.e. the project will NOT be installed). Since 1.0.7 version of this plugin the output of the executed commands will NOT be printed into the console. This can be changed by setting verbose parameter to true.




        <!-- since 1.2.1, see Customizing commit messages -->

Customizing commit messages

Since 1.2.1 commit messages can be changed in plugin's configuration section in pom.xml. Commit messages defaults are seen below.

        <featureStartMessage>updating versions for feature branch</featureStartMessage>
        <featureFinishMessage>updating versions for development branch</featureFinishMessage>
        <hotfixStartMessage>updating versions for hotfix</hotfixStartMessage>
        <hotfixFinishMessage>updating for next development version</hotfixFinishMessage>
        <releaseStartMessage>updating versions for release</releaseStartMessage>
        <releaseFinishMessage>updating for next development version</releaseFinishMessage>
        <tagHotfixMessage>tagging hotfix</tagHotfixMessage>
        <tagReleaseMessage>tagging release</tagReleaseMessage>

Maven properties can be used in commit messages. For example <featureStartMessage>updating ${artifactId} project for feature branch</featureStartMessage> will produce message where ${artifactId} will be substituted for projects <artifactId>.

Note that although ${project.version} can be used any changes to version introduced by this goal won't be reflected in a commit message for this goal.

Additional goal parameters

The gitflow:release-finish, gitflow:release and gitflow:hotfix-finish goals have skipTag parameter. This parameter controls whether the release/hotfix will be tagged in Git. The default value is false (i.e. the release/hotfix will be tagged).

The gitflow:feature-start goal has skipFeatureVersion parameter which controls whether the feature name will be appended to the project version or not. The default value is false (e.g. if the project version is 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT and feature name is feature_name then after the execution it will be 1.0.0-feature_name-SNAPSHOT).

All -finish goals have keepBranch parameter which controls whether created support branch will be kept in Git after the goal finishes. The default value is false (i.e. the supporting branch will be deleted).

All -finish goals and gitflow:release have skipTestProject parameter which controls whether Maven test goal will be called before merging branches. The default value is false (i.e. the project will be tested before merging branches).

All release goals have allowSnapshots parameter which controls whether SNAPSHOT dependencies are allowed. The default value is false (i.e. build fails if there SNAPSHOT dependency in project).

Rebase, Merge, Fast Forward, Squash

Release branch can be rebased instead of merged by setting releaseRebase parameter to true. The default value is false (i.e. merge will be performed).

Release branch can be merged without --no-ff option by setting releaseMergeNoFF parameter to false. The default value is true (i.e. merge --no-ff will be performed). The releaseMergeNoFF parameter has no effect when releaseRebase parameter is set to true.

Feature branch can be squashed before merging by setting featureSquash parameter to true. The default value is false (i.e. merge w/o squash will be performed).

Non-interactive Release

Releases could be performed without prompting for the release version during gitflow:release-start goal by telling Maven to run in non-interactive (batch) mode. When gitflow:release-start is executed in the Maven batch mode the default release version will be used.

To put Maven in the batch mode use -B or --batch-mode option.

mvn -B gitflow:release-start gitflow:release-finish

To release w/o creating separate release branch use gitflow:release goal.

mvn -B gitflow:release

This gives the ability to perform releases in non-interactive mode (e.g. in CI server).

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