mapping cheme for arbituary hybridization function.
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Mapping a channel mixing bath to a Wilson chain

A versaltile mapping scheme starting from hybridization function, mapping a general multi-orbital non-interacting channel mixing bath to a Wilson chain model. The motivation is to transform the impurity problems to a real space chain, thus can be solved using NRG and VMPS.

To use this program

Please install the following numerical packages for python(pip install -r requirements.txt)

  • numpy
  • scipy
  • matplotlib
  • gmpy2(optional)

or Anaconda all in one pack:

To run an example.

$ cd source/
$ python

Program will use the default configuration file 'config-sample.ini' as input. Also, you can specify your own configuration file by $ python <your-config>.ini. The input hybridization is specified by a data file('sample_hybridization_func.dat' above), it will be interpolated as a continuous function, thus choosing a good omega mesh(like a logarithmic one) is important.


  • Paper:

      Quantum impurities in channel mixing baths
      Jin-Guo Liu, Da Wang, and Qiang-Hua Wang
      Phys. Rev. B 93, 035102 – Published 4 January 2016
      Its Arxiv version: doc/1509.01461v2.pdf, doc/SupplMater.pdf
  • Technical Details: doc/technical.pdf

  • Program documentation: doc/program_manual.pdf