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SQL Library Manager Database


I was assigned a final project in my SQL course with The Tech Academy to develop a community libary system. The exercise required that I develop a database with an established relationship chart showing the various tables.

Steps Taken

My first step was to map out the relationship of the various relationships in the chart. I then created my dataset by accessing my own personal library on Goodreads.com. I exported that data into Google Sheets to sort the data, adding columns to insert commas between each data column. I then used a webapp to remove all the indents and spaces that Google Sheets inserts, which created a clean csv file which I used the command line to import once my database, tables and fields were created.

I then had to build queries using SQL syntax to with inner joins to answer a set of specific questions from the drill. I was also required to create Stored Procedures to make some of the queries reusable.

I have uploaded the sql file with my work.

The Result

I got all seven queries to work. One of the lessons I learned from this drill is that you can get a query to work, but you may not get an answer returned if there is no data related to that query. During my development of the dataset, I missed one of the dates that I was supposed to add. The query worked, but there were no returns. It was not until after an instructor asked if I had the date in there that I realized the oversight. Once I changed one of the due dates in the library database, the query returned as expected. It was a powerful lesson that one can write working code, but that doesn't guarantee the expected outcome. I learned that I would have to inspect an issue with my code from many angles.

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