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An engine for Vulkan in Rust, tries to implement modern graphic features. (suspended for now)

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Vulkust (SUSPENDED! go to Amethyst)

An experimental tiny engine for Vulkan in Rust.

1- Missions

  1. Safety: Only FFI related stuff are unsafe and in addition several other validation on runtime occur for checking correct API usage and for performance reason it happens only in debug mode.
  2. Quality: It's gonna use highest available hardware features for providing better graphics, some of the feature may not be appropriate for poor devices (e.g. deferred rendering).
  3. Performance: It does every thing to bring highest possible performance.
  4. Fast development: Easy to develop new features.
  5. Small executable binary file: Abstained from chunky big external dependencies.
  6. Cross-platform: It works for Linux, Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS, (note: current focus is mostly on Linux and Android but other platforms get support after a while after a new feature added)
  7. Maintainable code

2- Status:

It is under lots of changes.

(Until current milestone feature is not implemented it is not stable.)

2-1- Current milestone

2-1-1- Current features:

  • Cross platform (Linux, Windows, MacOs, Android, iOS)
  • Deferred Rendering
  • Multithreaded Rendering
  • Support current version of GX3D.
  • Supports font rendering
  • UI system (early version)
  • A safe interface over Vulkan
  • Vulkan Memory management (early version)
  • Occlusion culling (Frustum culling)
  • Shadowing
  • Cascaded Shadow
  • Shadow Accumulation
  • Soft Shadowing
  • SSAO
  • PBR lighting
  • Texture mipmapping (2D)

2-1-2- Underdeveloment features:

  • Forward transparent pass

2-1-3- In near future:

  • Auto exposure
  • Light blooming
  • Light streak
  • More UI widgets
  • Supporting GLTF

3- Examples

  • First of all master branch may become unstable or even uncompilable. (I'm gonna create a release branch in the first stable version)
  • You must have glslangValidator in you PATH environment variable.
  • For iOS and Android, you must have vulkust-ios and vulkust-android projects next to the vulkust root.

4- License

  • You can do whatever you want to do with it, but every consequences are on you.
  • You can not say that you have written this.
  • Make some promotion for this project and me (I'm a job seeker).


An engine for Vulkan in Rust, tries to implement modern graphic features. (suspended for now)







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