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INN Labs – News Apps And Technology Team Docs

Table of Contents

What's in here (so far):

What is not (and will not) be in here:

  • Documentation for Largo and some of our other large projects which will typically be kept with their respective project repos as well as on Read the Docs.
  • Documentation for our other apps/tools/etc. (e.g. our deployment tools or our responsive tables rig) that are on the smaller side will typically reside within those repos directly as a readme file at the root of the repository.

Important Note: Nothing in these docs supercedes what you'll find in the INN employee manual. Always refer to that for any personnel, hiring, payroll, etc. issues.


These docs draw on (and sometimes straight up steal) excellent work from teams that have come before us. Here are a few of our sources of inspiration:

The INN Nerds use BrowserStack to test our apps for cross-browser compatibility on real browsers.


All of these documents are licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0 license. You are free to share and to remix them (as long as you credit us) but please don't use them commercially without permission.


We welcome contributions and suggestions to help us improve any of these documents. Please start by reading our contribution guidelines and then review the specifics for this project to get started.

Who Wrote This?

The INN news apps and technology team is:

Head Nerd emeritus: Adam Schweigert (@aschweig)

Nerds emeriti: Nick Bennett, Jack Brighton, Will Haynes, Kaeti Hinck, Gabriel Hongsdusit, Dani Litovsky Alcalá, Denise Malan, Meredith Melragon, Ryan Nagle, Sinduja Rangarajan, David Ryan, RC Lations, Julia Smith (@julia67), Tyler Machado (@tylermachado)

Additional contributions from: @chriszs and @brentajones


INN Labs – Product & Technology Team Docs



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