Joomla! extension that display social media sharing buttons on web pages.
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ITPShare Plugin for Joomla!

( Version 2.11 )

ITPShare is an extension that adds republish buttons, widgets or goodies on your site. There are social plugins of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Google Plus, Google Share, Thumblr, Pinterest, BufferApp,... It will help you to find more readers for your publications.

##Documentation You can find documentation on following pages.

Documentation and FAQ

##Download You can download ITPShare from the website of ITPrism.

##License ITPShare is under GPLv3 license.



  • Fixed an issue - it did not exclude articles and categories.


  • Removed Facebook renderer. Now it generates HTML5 code.
  • Removed Google One and Google Share renderer. Now it generates HTML5 code.
  • Improved Pinterest. Added options Large and Colour.


  • Replaced the option for "Send" button with an option for displaying "Share" button.
  • Added new button type "Button".
  • Added language option to LinkedIn button
  • Added option buttons to be added on a custom location in the content, using indicator {itpshare}.
  • Improved


  • Added support for User Ideas.
  • Improved.


  • Added support for EasyBlog.
  • Removed the support for MyBlog.
  • Improved


  • Added two Joomla! events. Now, the extension can be triggered via onContentPrepare, onContentBeforeDisplay and onContentAfterDisplay.
  • Added support for Vip Quotes.
  • Improved


  • Removed EasyBlog support
  • Added options for excluding and including K2 categories and articles.
  • Fixed Pinterest button
  • Added option "Kid Directed Site" to Facebook like button
  • Improved


  • Now works with ZOO, JoomShopping and HikaShop
  • Improved


  • Added some new Twitter languages
  • Added ability to be used on 'https'-Domain (SSL)
  • Removed the Digg and ReTwittMe buttons. Those services do not work anymore.
  • Updated the code of buttons SumbpleUpon, Facebook, Pinterest, BufferApp.
  • Fixed the Pinterest button
  • [#1] Fixed duplication of "fb-root"
  • Improved language


  • Added Google Share Button
  • Added new parameter "media" to Pinterest bitton that points to image of the article. ( It is a part of plugin version for Jomomla! 2.5. It works only for Joomla! Content (com_content) and K2 (com_k2) now. )
  • Improved buttons displaying on the frontpage and category blog page.


  • Now works with EasyBlog and MyBlog
  • Added services that convert addresses into shorter ones


  • Improved the multilanguage
  • Fixed appearing in the module with custom HTML
  • Now works with JEvents
  • Added more options for K2 and Virtuemart


  • Now works for K2
  • Now works for VirtueMart
  • The buttons now appear on the front page ( on the featured articles )
  • Added Pinterest button
  • Added BufferApp button


  • Improved Twitter buttons

  • Added Hashtag

  • Added Recommend name

  • Added options - small and large button

  • Added new languages - Dutch, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish

  • Improved Facebook Like button

  • Added HTML5 renderer

  • Added appId parameter to the link of the iframe renderer

  • Improved Digg button

  • Added advance option for JS loading

  • Added "Media and Topic" option

  • Improved Google Plus One button

  • Added HTML5 syntax

  • Added annotation

  • Added asynchronized loading scripts

  • Added Tumblr button

  • Added Reddit button

  • Removed ShareMe Button. It doesn't work anymore.

  • Removed Google Buzz. The service is being discontinued by Google.

  • Removed Yahoo Buzz. The service has been discontinued by Yahoo.


  • Added Google Plus One


  • Added new advanced options for the Facebook Like Button
  • Fixed the Facebook Send Button


  • Added The new Facebook Button "Send"
  • Added new Facebook Like button options for action text and fonts